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The Labyrinth The Help Panel

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is a dungeon unlike any other in Path of Exile. It is filled with perilous traps, valuable secrets, tricky puzzles, and objectives that may require you to do things across several areas. To gain access to the Labyrinth, you must complete the six prerequisite trials that are scattered across the first three acts. A portal to the Aspirants' Plaza will then appear in the centre of the Sarn Encampment, and it is in the Aspirants' Plaza that all versions of the Labyrinth can be reached.

Best each of the six trials and you can enter the Aspirants' Plaza via the Sarn Encampment.

Successfully navigating the Labyrinth ultimately leads to a sequence of fights with the Labyrinth's creator, Izaro. Failure to survive the Labyrinth means starting again, so be careful where you step. If you manage to make it to the end, you'll be rewarded with treasure, an opportunity to enhance an item, and the ability to select your Ascendancy class.

The Labyrinth's structure changes every day, but you can view the sequence of chambers as you progress through them, as well as what features they may hold.

There are four versions of the Labyrinth, each with a different set of entry requirements, and each reward you with two Ascendancy points upon completing it for the first time. Unlike most areas in Path of Exile, the Labyrinth's structure does not change greatly between runs during the same day, but once a day the layout is randomised.

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