Contrato: Oficina de registros
Requiere Nivel 50
Dale este contrato a Adiyah en el Puerto de los renegados para embarcarte en el atraco.
Contract: Records Office
Contrato: Oficina de registros HeistContractCourts /10
Nombre{Mostrar descripciones completas}
CostiLvl 1: Normal: 1xOrbe de transmutación · Normal: 5000xOro · Mágico: 1xOrbe de alteración · Mágico: 5000xOro · Raro: 1xOrbe de alquimia · Raro: 5000xOro · único: 20000xOro
iLvl 46: Normal: 1xOrbe de azar · Normal: 10000xOro · Mágico: 1xOrbe de alquimia · Mágico: 10000xOro · Raro: 1xOrbe de caos · Raro: 10000xOro · único: 40000xOro
DropLevel 50
BaseType Contract: Records Office
BaseType Contrato: Oficina de registros
Class Contratos
FlagsAlwaysAllocate, CanBeCorrupted
ReferenceCommunity Wiki
Orbe vaal Corrupto Implicit /0

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Contract: Records Office

Contract: Records Office is a Contracts base type.



Image Image Name Description
Imgur Lightning ball
Spell attack
  • Certain monsters in this area shoot out a lightning ball.
  • To avoid taking damage, players need to run away from the ball, otherwise they will take high lightning damage.
Imgur Patrolling group
  • This area contains many patrolling groups of monsters
  • Each patrol group includes many normal variety enemies, led by a magic/unique variety miniboss


Image Name Type Image Name Type
Imgur Security Enforcer
(Spellcaster variant)
Monster Imgur Security Enforcer
(Halberd variant)
Imgur Security Enforcer
(Sword variant)
Monster Imgur Security Enforcer
(Sword variant)
Rare or Magic Mini Boss
Imgur Thaumaturgy Officer Monster Imgur Thaumaturgy Officer Rare or Magic Mini Boss
Imgur Security Ranger Monster Imgur Security Ranger Rare or Magic Mini Boss
Imgur Guard Captain Monster Imgur Guard Captain Rare or Magic Mini Boss
Imgur Security Specialist Unique Boss Imgur Head Enforcer Unique Boss

Unique versions

There are currently no unique items for this base item type.

Item acquisition

Contracts drop from anywhere in the game except during a heist or grand heist. They also drop from Smuggler's Caches.

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