Act 7 Quest /12 ⍟
LabyrinthQuestThe Lord's Labyrinth Labyrinth
Act: 12
Solve all the Trials of Ascendancy to access the Lord's Labyrinth.
RalakeshThe Master of a Million Faces Normal
Act: 7
The god Ralakesh has possessed Greust and taken over the old Forest Encampment. Kill Greust to defeat Ralakesh.
Reward: 1 Passive Skill Points, Soul of Ralakesh
MaligaroEssence of the Artist Normal
Act: 7
Talk to Sin in town about Maligaro.
Reward: Boots
BlackDeathWeb of Secrets Normal
Act: 7
Silk has asked to you to retrieve some venom from Black Death, Maligaro's pet spider.
ArakaaliThe Mother of Spiders Normal
Act: 7
Silk is consorting with Arakaali, an ancient Vaal goddess. Find him and save him from Arakaali.
Reward: Soul of Arakaali
SilverLocketThe Silver Locket Optional
Act: 7
Weylam has asked you to find his Silver Locket, buried near the Broken Bridge.
Reward: Utility Flasks
KisharaStarKishara's Star Optional
Act: 7
Weylam has asked you to find Kishara's Star, an ancient Vaal relic that he wants to gift to his granddaughter, Lilly. Its last known location is the Causeway.
Reward: 1 Passive Skill Points, 2 Passive Respec Points
LightingTheWayLighting the Way Normal
Act: 7
Yeena needs seven Fireflies to burn open the entrance to Arakaali's temple. Search for them in the Dread Thicket.
GruestMemorialIn Memory of Greust Optional
Act: 7
You have found an ancient Azmeri shrine in the Northern Forest. Ask Helena about it in town.
Reward: Amulets
GruthkulQueen of Despair Optional
Act: 7
Sin has asked you to kill Gruthkul, the Mother of Despair. She can be found in the Dread Thicket.
Reward: 1 Passive Skill Points, Soul of Gruthkul
AlvaNo Time like the Present MasterQuest
Act: 7
Meet Alva in the wild to search for the lost Temple of Atzoatl.
SanctumPactTutorialSanctum Temptations MasterQuest
Act: 7
You have encountered Divinia again, this time in the Bridge Encampment. Speak to her again.
Text Audio /4 ⍟

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Act 7

Act. 7 (around 25 minutes with minimal practice) - This act is pretty short! Even though it seems long, like most of the acts in the second part of the story.

  1. Head into "The Broken Bridge" and follow the Road. If you find the exit before you find the castle for "Silver Locket" quest, open a portal and head over to "The Crossroads", follow the Road until you find the waypoint.

  2. Head into the waypoint and back into your portal, find the Silver Locket, logout. Turn in the quest to Weylam.
    I would highly recomend picking the "Granite Flask" if you're a newer player, this will make the rest of the story much MUCH easier.

  3. Take your waypoint to "The Crossroads" and head downwards, follow the road to "The Fellshrine Ruins".

  4. In the Ruins, follow the road to the very end, this will lead you to "The Crypt". Find the Trial of Ascendancy FIRST.

    Then make your way to the 2nd level of the layout, just go straight up or straight down, this will lead get you to the box containing "Maligaro's Map", once you have that, you can log out.

  5. Once again, head back to "The Crossroads" waypoint and this time go Up, same as you did in Act 2, until you find "The Chamber of Sins Level 1".

  6. Make your way to the Center of the Layout, GRAB THE WAYPOINT!

  7. Put the Map in and look for very narrow Bridges, those will lead you to the Boss. Kill the Boss and logout. REMEMBER TO PICK UP THE QUEST ITEM!

  8. Take the waypoint back to the Chamber of Sins and talk to Silk, grab the Key and head down to "The Chamber of Sins Level 2".
    Find the Trial of Ascendancy FIRST! It will be around the same places as in Act 2. Head over to the end of the layout, once again, same as in Act 2.

  9. Head to "The Den" and grab the waypoint, in case of a DC. "The Den" is a straight line from the entrance to "The Ashen Fields".

  10. Grab the Waypoint in "The Ashen Fields" and follow the Road straight down until you find Greust, kill him and keep going.

  11. Grab the Waypoint in "The Northern Forest" in case of a DC and go straight LEFT until you hit a wall. Follow the wall upwards until the end of the layout, if you don't find "The Dread Thicket", keep going. If you find "The Dread Thicket", put down a portal scroll and keep going into "The Causeway".

  12. Make your way through and find the exit to "The Vaal City", Remember to pickup the Quest Item at the end of the layout!

  13. "The Vaal City" SUCKS, but only if you don't know where to go. Here's an amazing video showcasing exactly how to read the layout to perfection!
    It's an 8 minute video, but will save you way more than 8 minutes trying to find your way in that horrible place!

  14. Find the waypoint in "The Vaal City" and head back to town. Take either your portal if you found "The Dread Thicket" or the waypoint back to "The Northern Forest" if you haven't found the entrance.
    Make a Straight line back again until you hit the same wall, but then follow the wall downwards, since you already know it's not on the topside at this point.
    If the layout was RESET due to taking too long to comeback, head DOWNWARDS anyways since you'll reach the lower end much faster.

  15. Once you're cleared "The Dread Thicket" and made sure you killed Gruthkul, log out. Of course, make sure you have ALL the Fireflies necessary!

  16. In town, talk to all the NPCs and grab all your skillpoints, you should have like 4 of them waiting for you!

  17. Take the waypoint back to "The Vaal City" and head into the "The Temple of Decay Level 1". Make your way through every level, they are basically like "squares" where the exit is always in one of the opposite corner to the entrance you came through.

  18. Kill the Boss and head over to Act 8!

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