Support Gem /1
Support Gem Quality /3
Mana Leech SupportDivergent (0–4) Mana gained per Enemy Hit with Supported Attacks20
Life Gain on Hit SupportSuperior (0–10) Life gained per Enemy Hit with Supported Attacks50
Life Gain on Hit SupportDivergent (0–2) Mana gained per Enemy Hit with Supported Attacks10
Item mods /1
1CorruptedSocketed Gems are Supported by Level 10 Life Gain On Hit gemsword 0
mace 0
bow 0
staff 0
two_hand_weapon 1000
default 0

Community Wiki


Gain on hit

Gain on hit is a form of recovery that instantly restores an amount of Life, Mana or energy shield for each hit by the character's skills. Most instances of gain on hit require a damage source of Attack, as opposed to a Spell or secondary damage. The exception where it applies to a non-attack source is Cybil's Paw which grants life gain on spell hit.


When an enemy is hit by an appropriate skill, the attacker or caster gains an amount of life/mana/energy shield equal to combined gain on hit bonuses from all sources respectively. This applies to each enemy hit by player's skills, so a single skill that hits multiple targets can trigger more than one gain on hit effect. Unlike leech, life, mana, and energy shield gained this way are restored instantly.

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