Skill Gem /2

Skill Gem /2

Ascendancy Passive /1

Ascendancy Passive /1

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NotableEndless Hunger
20% of Overkill Damage is Leeched as Life
20% increased Attack Speed while Leeching
Cannot be Stunned while Leeching
You are Unaffected by Bleeding while Leeching

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Overkill damage

The term overkill damage refers to the difference between damage dealt in one hit and target's life remaining before death. Overkill only occurs if two conditions are met: the hit kills an enemy and dealt more damage than the enemy's remaining life.



Overkill damage is calculated by subtracting the target's remaining health from the amount of damage done. For example, if a target has 20 life and a player deals a hit of 100 damage, the target dies and the overkill damage is 80. If overkill damage is not greater than 0, it is ignored.

The term does not apply to damage over time because a hit is required.

Interactions with culling strike

Overkill and culling can fundamentally never interact. If a hit doesn't kill a target itself but triggers culling strike or Bane of Legends that kills, damage from them doesn't count towards overkill damage and it stay negative, and, accordingly, overkill effects will not trigger.

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