Templar Text Audio /157 ⍟

Templar Text Audio /157 ⍟

EnterCannibalBayMy nightmares... they were prophecy.
EnterPrisonIn this cage, evil claws at the bars and howls for freedom.
EnterShipGraveyardThis is a mortuary for lost children, hidden from the eyes of their father.
EnterSouthernForestThis forest... so twisted. I pray that I am not too late to turn the tide of this corruption.
EnterFellshrineCryptA house of Faith, fallen to desecration.
EnterChamberofSinsThe lair of a toymaker... with pretensions of godhood.
EnterCityOfSarnSarn, birthplace of the Templar. A fitting place to put things right.
EnterCrematorium1Life in his right hand, Death in his left... and then there are those who fell through God's fingers.
EnterCatacombsI shall wipe the filth from this house of God.
EnterSolarisTempleSomething Eternal remains in this Empire. The question is, how?
EnterLunaris2And so, I take my first steps into damnation incarnate.
EnterSceptreOfGodEvery stone placed for the glory of God. Beautiful!
EnterAqueductMay these waters wash away my sins and baptise me anew.
EnterDriedLakeI am sorry, God. We must learn not to abuse your creations.
EnterMines1The earth here trembles with the fear of judgement.
EnterMines2Corruption eats away at the roots of this mountain.
EnterCrystalVeinsThis land is teetering on the brink of Cataclysm.
EnterKaomDreamThe air here burns with wrath.
EnterBellyOfTheBeastThis is not Creation. This is perversion.
EnterHarvestPiety, my God? I am sure you will reveal your purpose in time.
EnterSlavePensMy return marks judgment for those of hollow faith.
EnterOriathSquareAt long last I return home, only to find chaos and blood.
EnterTemplarCourtsI vowed before my brothers that I would return, and so I have.
EnterChamberOfInnocenceThe hour of judgment draws near.
EnterTorchedCourtsWhat in damnation have I done?
EnterCathedralRooftopThere is always hope. There is always redemption. Even when all looks lost.
ApproachLillyHas my faith truly been a lie? My God, an impostor, too weak to defeat the Ravenous One...
EnterOssuaryI shall cleanse this place of hallowed legacy.
EnterTwilightStrandA6Here, I was born anew. It is my honour to cleanse it of evil.
EnterCoastA6I return to exile, humbled and shaken.
EnterMudFlatsA6The world crumbles. I must gather the pieces.
EnterThePrisonA6Evil has returned to this place of despair.
EnterWesternForestA6Had you not barred the way the first time, Piety, things might have turned out differently... for all of us.
EnterTheBeaconA6I shall take this crusade to the seas themselves!
EnterTheReefA6Lord of Light, hold back the sea, so that I may slay its pretender king!
ApproachEramirThese innocents continue to suffer. Wraeclast must be set right.
EnterTheCryptA7This desecrated house of faith will unearth its secrets at last.
EnterMaligaroSanctumA veil of lies and dreams draws itself over my sight.
EnterAshenFieldsThe fires of greed burn eternal in the hearts of the unworthy.
EnterVaalCityA7I have seen this place in my visions of doom.
EnterTempleOfDecay2Deeper into the lair of Lust... I shall stand strong against temptation.
EnterA8TownWhat foul new corruption is this?
EnterToxicConduitsIt seems it is my penance to endure all the filths of this world.
EnterLunarisTempleA8Someone may have washed away your sins, Piety, but I will never forget what you did here.
EnterBellyOfTheBeastA9Into the heart of darkness, I tread once more.
EnterRavagedSquareA10This ghastly nightmare must be put to an end!
EnterCanalsI knew that you would find the path of righteousness once more, my Lord of Light. I shall be honoured to fight by your side!
EnteredMapsLike stepping into a dream...
KillBiteZombieEven death gives no solace in this tortured land.
KillBrutusRest now, tormented soul.
KillFairgravesTemptation may turn even the noblest of men. I should take heed.
KillMerveilA woman corrupted beyond humanity. I must cure this plague before it sickens all of God's creation.
KillOakYou dare to speak for peace, outlaw? There's the peace your lies have earned you.
KillKraitynYou own nothing, thief. Not even the life you wasted on spite and avarice.
KillAliraYou are thus blessed, daughter of God. He will show what true friendship is.
KillVaalOversoulBack where you belong, Nightmare! The faithful need not fear your kind.
KillGraviciusYou chose the road, old friend. God put me at the end of it.
KillPietyRest while you can, mistress of suffering. Judgement will not go easy on you.
KillDominusBy exiling me, you were my Genesis, Dominus. And now, here I stand, countless miles and murders later, honoured to be your Revelation!
KillVollYou are free now, Voll. Go with God.
KillDaressoWe give our fallen heroes more glory than they ever earned in life.
KillKaomYour Way led to damnation, Kaom. Find another.
KillMaligaroYour God-given talents were wasted, Maligaro.
KillShavronneYou were imprisoned by your own vanity, Shavronne.
KillDoedreEmbrace death, Doedre, for your flesh was your undoing.
KillMalachaiYou fought against Death your whole life, Malachai, when it was the one thing that would grant you true immortality.
KillKrowYour hateful scorn has no place in God's land.
KillCasticusYou should have kept your eyes on God.
KillMatriarchTemplar initiates will suffer your humiliations no longer.
SeenAvariusAnd so it will!
SeenInnocenceWhen God has lost His way, the devout must set Him back on the path!
KillCatoWhat goodness remains of our order?
KillUtulaYour ilk will suffer my wrath for what you have done!
FaceKitavaA5Come forth, Ravenous One! Face the wrath of God!
KillShavronneA6Our final crusade sees its first triumph.
KillMaligaroA7Evil may hide, but the light will find it.
KillDoedreA8The unclean witch shall poison this land no longer.
KillGemlingLegionYour loyalty has gone unrewarded. Go to God, if he shall have you.
KillUnholyTrioThrough darkness and blood, with wrath!
KillAvariusA10Rest now, my brother. God shall be your judge.
KillBaranLord of Light, take this tortured soul to freedom.
KillVeritaniaThe judge must first judge herself!
KillDroxYou are not the arbiter of Justice. God is.
KillAlHezminOnly God can free you from this place.
KillSirusOnly God knows what sorrows beset the path we must walk.
MetSinA6The truth of this world comes into focus one tale at a time.
MetSinTukohamaIt seems I am but a pawn in a clash of gods.
MetSinAbberathYour tortured and twisted goatmen deserve my God's grace, not yours.
MetSinRyslathaSome creatures are beneath God's grace. Rot in your disgusting poisons.
MetSinBrineKingI accept this gift so that something of the innocent may live on.
MetSinRalakeshThis pretender shall now serve the cause.
MetSinGruthkulGruthkul, go to your children, and despair no longer.
MetSinArakaaliI am a man of God. I am used to resisting temptation.
MetSinYugulFaith triumphs over fear.
MetSinSolarisLunarisFaith and solidarity go hand in hand. Petty rivalries doom even the mightiest warriors.
MetSinGarukhanThe path of righteousness is fraught with sacrifices.
MetSinShakariYou sacrifice your own daughter for the cause?
MetEpilogueSinInnocenceFor what little it is worth, my Lord, you have the forgiveness of your most faithful follower.
ReadIslandLogbookCaruso... yes, I met your son. One day, I will tell him of your demise.
PickUpMiasmeterPiety's 'science' may aid in uncovering the truth of this world. God does have a sense of humor.
PickUpSignOfPurityI continue to serve as God's instrument.
PickUpBestelPapersGods and evil beset humanity while I pick up papers.
PickUpMaligaroMapA vision of dreams, ephemeral in my sight...
PickUpSunOrbA seed sacred to a false religion.
PickUpMoonOrbCold to the touch, and within, vast as the night.
PickUpBasiliskAcidI have truly become the heretic, dabbling in foul alchemy.
PickUpTrarthanPowderPerhaps, for once, something good will come from this vile Trarthan alchemy.
EventUnleashDarknessI beg of you, God. Help me to lead this world back into the light.
EventFairgravesDisappearThe longer you run from God, Fairgraves, the more damned you become.
EventFreedDeshretNo soul should suffer as you have, Deshret.
EventPietySacrificeNo need, Piety. Just you go and see for yourself.
EventGreustHonouredGreust, if you find your gods lacking, the true Lord still awaits.
EventYeenaTransformI bear witness to a miracle.
EventAfterTolmanChild, I've seen resurrection. It was nightmarish, not beautiful.
CooldownI must have time to gather my will.
NoManaMy mana is spent.
InvFullI am no beast of burden.
FlaskAh, that's better.
KillRareGo with God!
KillRareGo with God!
KillRareDeath to Sin!
KillRareDeath to Sin!
KillRarePurity will prevail!
KillRarePurity will prevail!
KillRareThe corrupt shall fall!
KillRareThe corrupt shall fall!
KillRareTo damnation with you!
KillRareTo damnation with you!
LowSTRI have not the brawn to use this yet.
LowINTI'm baffled by this at the moment.
LowDEXI'll need to be lighter on my feet to use this.
QuestItemIt doesn't seem right to destroy this.
SkillTownThis is neither the time nor the place.
LevelUp2It would seem my God has no need for my company just yet.
LevelUp3My prayers are thus answered.
LevelUp5The path becomes clearer with each bloody step.
LevelUp10Your humble servant thanks you, my God.
LevelUp15Your trust is the only reward I need, my Lord of Light.
LevelUp20The night must give way to the day.
LevelUp30I was born to this land, delivered to this task. I will prevail.
Templar22Go with God!
Templar40What, in God's name, is that smell?
Templar71Is this filth your work, Casticus? My return marks your judgment!
Templar80Avarius! Face me!
Templar83To battle my own God and listen to lies from His antithesis... am I a fool?
Templar104The Azmeri refuge has fallen! I must find another way.
Templar111Ha! The toymaker hides among his toys.
Templar117Perhaps these tales are more than just myths.
Templar142Unhand my God, fiend!
Templar143Our long work is finally over. Beauty returns to my home.
Templar151The first step towards bringing morality to this realm of madness.
Templar152The stars adorn the realm of God. They were never yours to control.
Templar153Life and limb were a gift to mortals. God rescinds that which was never yours.
Templar154Your lack of faith allowed your fear to control you, High Templar. I pity you.
Templar155One day, we will reclaim Oriath.
Dom_Intro_Templar.oggYou swore, sinew and soul, to serve God and the Order of the Templar. For years you built a life upon Faith, only to smite it asunder with one sinful blow.

And is that not the greatest folly of all? To lose Faith when it's all you have left?

You were once the chosen of God. A Templar. You are now the chosen of Wraeclast. An exile.

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The Templar is a plusstrengthStrength/plusintelligenceIntelligence hybrid character class.

The armors associated with the Templar's strength and intelligence are Chainmail Coifs/Helmets, Chainmail/Ringmail, Mesh/Chain Gloves, Mesh/Chain Boots, and Kite Shields.

Base stats

Stat Value
Intelligence 23
Dexterity 14
Strength 23
Life 62
Mana 52
Damage per second 4
Chance to hit 83%
Attacks per second* 1.2
Main hand total combined damage 2-6
Main hand physical damage 2-6
Main hand accuracy rating 28
Main hand critical strike damage multiplier* 150%
Endurance charges* 0/3
Physical damage reduction per endurance charge* 4%
Additional elemental reduction per endurance charge* 4%
Frenzy charges* 0/3
Attack speed increase per frenzy charge* 4%
Cast speed increase per frenzy charge* 4%
Damage modifier per frenzy charge* 4% more
Power charges* 0/3
Critical strike chance increase per power charge* 50%
Evasion rating 58
Chance to evade* 32%
Fire resistance* 0%
Cold resistance* 0%
Lightning resistance* 0%
Chaos resistance* 0%
Mana regen per second 0.9
  • Same for all classes

Ascendancy classes

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