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Crucible Endgame

Crucible’s endgame takes place in The Forge of the Titans, a dangerous area harbouring an ancient power: the ability to melt a weapon down, merging its Crucible Passive Tree with that of another weapon. This process produces unpredictable results, incorporating elements of each tree as well as random upgrades, downgrades and changes. Through careful use of the Forge, it’s possible to craft some incredibly powerful skill trees on your weapons.

In endgame Crucible encounters, you’ll occasionally find Igneous Geode, currency items that can be cracked open to reveal a Primeval Remnant.

Primeval Remnant

Primeval Remnant is a map-like item that grants access to The Forge of the Titans, the culmination of your Crucible journey.

These Primeval Remnants always generate as rare items. Half of their mods are upsides and half are downsides. The upsides generally increase the rewards of the area or add special crafting options. For example, causing monsters to drop Divination Cards or Magmatic Ore, a form of tradeable itemised Crucible tree experience. The downsides are quite punitive compared to most in-game maps. Ideally, you want to find a primeval remnant that has really rewarding upsides alongside downsides you can handle.

If you don’t think you’ll survive a visit to the Forge of the Titans, trade the remnant away to someone else and gamble on cracking open another Igneous Geode.

If you survive and manage to reach the end of the area, you’ll find the aforementioned forge, which allows you to merge Crucible trees on two items together.

The way this process works is that you provide two items of the same class. For example, a pair of bows, a pair of shields, or a pair of one hand axes. One of these items will be melted down and applied to the other, which will keep its regular properties. Their Crucible trees will be merged together in an unpredictable way, taking elements of each one. This is a little reminiscent of how recombinators applied to item mods, taking parts of each Crucible tree and merging them together, as well as randomly upgrading, downgrading or mutating skills on the resultant tree. While this process can create some really powerful trees, if you get skills you wanted from both items, it can also completely wreck your precious trees. So take care choosing which you risk combining.

Also, like recombinators, there are ways to manipulate the system to improve your odds of getting certain outcomes. For example, any skills that have been allocated are more likely to show up in the resulting Crucible tree. By default, you can only add Crucible trees to non-unique items. But it’s possible to get a mod on the Forge of the Titans map that allows you to imbue a unique item with a Crucible tree, which can then be leveled up via regular Crucible encounters.

Crystalline Geode

To combine Crucible trees on unique items together, you’ll want to find a Crystalline Geode and crack it open to reveal the secret higher level version of the Forge of the Titans.

There’s an important thing to note about Crucible Trees on unique weapons. In addition to being much harder to unlock, there’s a special rule about how they can be combined. A unique weapon must be combined with another copy of the same unique weapon to merge their trees together. Because this destroys one copy, getting a good Crucible Tree on a unique weapon makes it insanely valuable. It may also raise the trade value of all unique weapons by quite a lot as players sacrifice them trying to create perfect Crucible Trees.

Occasionally, you’ll find a Crucible passive skill tree with a special skill that indicates that the item will sell to vendors for a specific item in addition to its regular sale price. These vendor skills usually occur relatively deeply in the tree, so take some effort to allocate, but usually don’t block skill choices you’d make when leveling the item up for use. The presence of these skills presents you with an interesting choice about whether you want to use the item or sell it to a vendor, and whether you want to spend your Crucible experience either revealing new things to hunt for good skills, leveling up items to use or leveling up items to sell.

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