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Crucible Forge

In the Crucible Challenge League, you’ll learn about the ancient titans who once shaped the primordial surface of Wraeclast. If you’re powerful enough, you will earn the ability to forge their power onto your weapons.

Seize the Power of the Crucible

Crucible Forges are scattered throughout Wraeclast. When you find one, select one of your weapons and channel the power of the ancient titans to spawn a challenging encounter. The longer you channel for, the more the molten monsters merge together to form more fearsome foes. You’re in control of the difficulty and reward of these encounters.

Click and hold to increase the meter. This meter right here is basically equivalent to being Delirious. The higher your raise it, the more the mobs have exponentially higher health, damage, and the amount of them, while also giving more Weapon XP.

After charging, you can stand inside this circle for an infinite amount of time and prepare yourself, but as soon as you leave the Circle of safety, they will spawn, and you will be bombarded.

Defeating the molten monsters will award experience towards unlock a Crucible Passive Skill Tree on this item.

Forge your own Path

In an iconically Path of Exile way, your weapons can now be imbued with powerful Passive Skill Trees of their own. Encounters at Crucible Forges grant you experience that lets you uncover the tree on a weapon and gradually progress through its skills. You can only allocate one skill from each tier, so choose your path through each Crucible Passive Tree carefully. If you’re lucky, you’ll find certain skills that, when allocated, are worth valuable currency or unique items when sold to a vendor.

Stand before the Titans

Crucible’s endgame takes place in The Forge of the Titans, a dangerous area harbouring an ancient power: the ability to melt a weapon down, merging its Crucible Passive Tree with that of another weapon. This process produces unpredictable results, incorporating elements of each tree as well as random upgrades, downgrades and changes. Through careful use of the Forge, it’s possible to craft some incredibly powerful skill trees on your weapons.

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