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Equipment refers to weapons, armour, accessories, jewels, and flasks that a character can use.


Weapons are equipment, used to perform attacks or enhance spells. Each weapon has a base damage value range, attacks per second, and base critical strike chance. Quality improves the damage values of weapons.

Types of weapons:


Armour is a category of equipment worn on different parts of the body to provide protection and bonuses from magical properties. Quality improves the amount of armour, evasion, and/or energy shield the item provides.

Types of armour:


Accessories do not implicitly provide protection like armour, but are useful for their supporting role and magical properties. Its quality can be improved with catalysts, which improve the affix values of specific types of modifiers.

Unlike other equipment, accessories do not have gem sockets, with the exception of Empty-SocketUnset Rings, TalismanWhite3Black Maw Talismans, and TriggerQuiverBaseOrnate Quivers.

Types of accessories:

The generic term jewellery (or jewelry) includes rings, amulets and belts.


Trinkets are a miscellaneous type of equippable items. Currently, they are only available in the Heist league and provide item drop bonuses for Heists.

The Trinket slot is hidden normally and is unlocked by interacting with "The Catch" object found in Grand Heists containing Thief's Trinkets.


Jewels are a type of item that act much like other pieces of equipment in that they provide various bonuses, but instead are socketed directly into jewel sockets in the passive skill tree. Like other equipment, they can be removed and equipped freely at any time.


Flasks are used to store potions that can be drunk to restore life or mana. There are other types of flasks that provide a temporary benefit when imbibed.

Unique equipment

These equipment types can also be found in unique forms, with special graphic appearances, graphic effects, and unique bonuses not found on other equipment.

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