Crucible Item /14 ⍟
InventoryIconA Chilling Wind
Stack Size: 1 / 4
Level 21 Vaal Cold Snap
Quality: +20%
InventoryIconBrother's Gift
5x Divine Orb
CrucibleUberGeodeCrucibleUberGeodeCrystalline Geode
CrucibleGeodeCrucibleGeodeIgneous Geode
Magmatic%20OreMagmatic%20OreMagmatic Ore
Adds stored Crucible experience to an item
Stack Size: 1 / 8
{Onyx Amulet}
Item Level: 85
Quality: +20%
Influenced Item
Four Anointments
Incubating Talisman Item
InventoryIconPoisoned Faith
Stack Size: 1 / 8
Arakaali's Fang
CrucibleGeodeOpenPrimeval Remnant
Area Level: 80
Contains a Forge that can Combine Crucible Passive Skill Trees
local hidden maximum prefixes allowed + [0]
local hidden maximum suffixes allowed + [0]
CrucibleUberGeodeOpenPrimordial Remnant
Area Level: 84
Contains a Forge that can Combine Crucible Passive Skill Trees, including on Unique and Corrupted Items
local hidden maximum prefixes allowed + [1]
local hidden maximum suffixes allowed + [1]
InventoryIconSoul Quenched
Stack Size: 1 / 5
{Experimented Two-Handed Weapon}
Item Level: 86
Quality: +30%
Tempered Foil
+25% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
Gilded Breach Scarab
Area contains an additional Breach Breaches in Area contain an additional Breach Boss' Clasped Hand Breach Hands in Area drop double Breach Splinters
Can be used in a personal Map Device to add modifiers to a Map.
Winged Abyss Scarab
Area contains 2 additional Abysses Abysses in Area spawn 50% increased Monsters Abysses in Area that do not lead to an Abyssal Depths lead to a Stygian Spire
Can be used in a personal Map Device to add modifiers to a Map.
Eternal Orb
Creates an imprint of an item for later restoration. The imprint can't be applied to Fractured Items
Right click this item then left click on an item to create an imprint. This imprint can later be used to restore this specific item to that imprinted state.
History /200 ⍟
ItemMicrotransactions[DNT] Skull Charges
ItemActive Skill GemsQuickstep
ItemMicrotransactionsMalachai's Demise Rare Finisher Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsKaom's Desire Rare Finisher Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsPurifier's Swordstorm Rare Finisher Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsSaqawal's Fate Rare Finisher Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsNavali's Coin Purse
ItemMicrotransactionsSin's Coin Purse
ItemMicrotransactionsCadiro's Coin Purse
ItemMicrotransactionsHigh Templar's Coin Purse
ItemMicrotransactionsCrucible Mystery Box
ItemQuest ItemsBook of Regression
ItemMicrotransactionsSuspicious Sulphur Rock Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsSuspicious Sandstone Rock Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsSuspicious Gold Rock Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsSuspicious Azurite Rock Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsSuspicious Rock Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsRadioactive Ant Colony Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsGolden Ant Colony Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsFire Ant Colony Pet
ItemMicrotransactions[DNT] Medusa Mace
ItemMicrotransactionsChayula's Grasp Rare Finisher Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsEngineer's Bronze Prototype
ItemMicrotransactionsEngineer's Cobalt Prototype
ItemMicrotransactionsEngineer's Cobalt Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsEngineer's Cobalt Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsEngineer's Cobalt Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsEngineer's Cobalt Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsEngineer's Bronze Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsEngineer's Bronze Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsEngineer's Bronze Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsEngineer's Bronze Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsDisciplined Wildlife Aura Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsDetermined Wildlife Aura Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsGraceful Wildlife Aura Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsIgneous Emperor Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsIgneous Emperor Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsIgneous Emperor Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsIgneous Emperor Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsCrimson Paladin Portal Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsLunar Paladin Portal Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsSolar Paladin Portal Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsScourgestruck Cloak
ItemMicrotransactionsThunderstruck Cloak
ItemMicrotransactionsChaosborn Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsChaosborn Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsChaosborn Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsChaosborn Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsLantern Bearer's Annihilating Light
ItemMicrotransactionsSilkweaver's Thread of Hope
ItemMicrotransactionsCroaking Utility Flask
ItemMicrotransactionsScourgestruck Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsScourgestruck Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsScourgestruck Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsScourgestruck Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsThunderstruck Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsThunderstruck Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsThunderstruck Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsThunderstruck Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsArachnamagus Wings
ItemMicrotransactionsArachnamagus Cloak
ItemMicrotransactionsArachnamagus Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsArachnamagus Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsArachnamagus Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsArachnamagus Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsMage-Hunter's Violet Aegis
ItemMicrotransactionsMage-Hunter's Amber Aegis
ItemMicrotransactionsMage-Hunter's Energy Aegis
ItemMicrotransactions[DNT] Alt Snakebite
ItemMicrotransactionsDruidic Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsCorruption Creeping Frost Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsDark Tempest Wave of Conviction Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsGhastly Vortex Skill Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsBotanist's Powerful Back Attachment
ItemMicrotransactionsBotanist's Frenzied Back Attachment
ItemMicrotransactionsBotanist's Enduring Back Attachment
ItemItem ClassesVault Keys
HideoutsHideoutSearing Hideout
HideoutsHideoutTangled Hideout
ItemDivination CardsMatryoshka
ItemDivination CardsA Chilling Wind
ItemDivination CardsPoisoned Faith
ItemDivination CardsSoul Quenched
ItemDivination CardsBrother's Gift
ItemStackable CurrencyCrucibleUberGeodeCrystalline Geode
ItemStackable CurrencyCrucibleGeodeIgneous Geode
ItemMicrotransactionsLunar Mystery Box
ItemHideout DoodadsBoxing Ring
ItemHideout DoodadsStygian Waypoint
ItemHideout Doodads[DNT] Crucible Guild Stash
ItemHideout Doodads[DNT] Crucible Stash
ItemHideout DoodadsSanctum Guild Stash
ItemHideout DoodadsSanctum Stash
ItemHideout Doodads[DNT] Demonic Crafting Bench
ItemHideout DoodadsThrashing Tentacle
ItemHideout DoodadsSearing Remnant
ItemHideout DoodadsZoom Toggle
ItemHideout DoodadsAtlas Toggle
ItemHideout DoodadsChronosphere
ItemHideout DoodadsRuthless Crucible Challenger Trophy
ItemHideout DoodadsCrucible Challenger Trophy
ItemVault KeysVoidborn Reliquary Key
ItemMisc Map ItemsPrimordial Remnant
ItemMisc Map ItemsPrimeval Remnant
ItemActive Skill GemsSnipe
ItemSupport Skill GemsPrismatic Burst Support
ItemSupport Skill GemsManaforged Arrows Support
ItemActive Skill GemsVaal Split Arrow
ItemActive Skill GemsVaal Rejuvenation Totem
ItemActive Skill GemsVaal Firestorm
ItemActive Skill GemsVaal Ice Shot
ItemActive Skill GemsVaal Domination
ItemActive Skill GemsVaal Absolution
ItemActive Skill GemsVaal Lightning Arrow
ItemActive Skill GemsVaal Animate Weapon
ItemActive Skill GemsVaal Reap
ItemActive Skill GemsVaal Arctic Armour
ItemWrapped Gift
ItemMicrotransactionsBlack Widow Spider
ItemMicrotransactionsSand Worm Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsLunar Rabbit Premium Expired Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsLunar Rabbit Premium Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsLunar Rabbit Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsGoblin Bard Pet3
ItemMicrotransactionsGoblin Bard Pet2
ItemMicrotransactionsGoblin Bard Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsMossy Pet Rock
ItemMicrotransactionsPet Rubble
ItemMicrotransactionsGem Tab
ItemMicrotransactionsFlask Tab
ItemMicrotransactionsDelve Tab
ItemMicrotransactionsUnique Tab
ItemMicrotransactionsFragment Tab
ItemMicrotransactionsEssence Tab
ItemMicrotransactionsMap Tab
ItemMicrotransactionsPremium Quad Tab
ItemMicrotransactionsDivination Tab
ItemMicrotransactionsBlight Tab
ItemMicrotransactionsMetamorph Tab
ItemMicrotransactionsDelirium Tab
ItemMicrotransactionsCurrency Tab
ItemMicrotransactionsPremium Stash Tab
ItemMicrotransactions[DNT] Blood Golem Mace
ItemMicrotransactionsGift Wrapping Paper
ItemMicrotransactionsSilver Greatbow
ItemMicrotransactionsSiege Greatbow
ItemMicrotransactionsOcean Greatbow
ItemMicrotransactionsMossy Greatbow
ItemMicrotransactionsGolden Greatbow
ItemMicrotransactionsGlacial Greatbow
ItemMicrotransactionsCrystal Greatbow
ItemMicrotransactionsCordycep Bow
ItemMicrotransactions[DNT] Annihilation Wand
ItemMicrotransactions[DNT] Scaling Heavy Armour Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactions[DNT] Scaling Heavy Armour Gloves
ItemMicrotransactions[DNT] Scaling Heavy Armour Boots
ItemMicrotransactions[DNT] Scaling Heavy Armour Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsVoid Emperor Planetary Orb
ItemMicrotransactionsEldritch Planetary Orb
ItemMicrotransactionsPlanetary Orb
ItemMicrotransactionsLithomancer's Character Effect III
ItemMicrotransactionsLithomancer's Character Effect II
ItemMicrotransactionsLithomancer's Character Effect I
ItemMicrotransactionsLunar Character Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsLunar Footprints Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsLunar Weapon Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsLunar Shield
ItemMicrotransactionsLunar Weapon Skin
ItemMicrotransactionsLunar Apparition Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsLunar Portal Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsLunar Cloak
ItemMicrotransactionsLunar Wings
ItemMicrotransactionsLunar Body Armour Upgraded
ItemMicrotransactionsLunar Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsLunar Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsLunar Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsLunar Helmet
ItemMicrotransactions[DNT] Rampart Kingmaker
ItemMicrotransactions[DNT] Rampart Heartbreaker
ItemMicrotransactions[DNT] Rampart Soul Taker
ItemMicrotransactions[DNT] Battle Pass Five Crown of Inward Eye
ItemMicrotransactions[DNT] Battle Pass Five Polaric Devastation
ItemMicrotransactions[DNT] Battle Pass Five Darkray Vectors
ItemMicrotransactionsCrucible Forge Portal Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsVampiric Carnage Heart
ItemMicrotransactions[DNT] Octopus Fairgrave's Tricorne
ItemMicrotransactions[DNT] Alt Brass Dome
ItemMicrotransactions[DNT] Samurai Thrillsteel
ItemMicrotransactions[DNT] Blossoming Wand
ItemMicrotransactionsOphidian Covenant
ItemMicrotransactionsSun Dyadian Dawn
ItemMicrotransactionsDruidic Lochtonial Caress
ItemMicrotransactionsSawblade Lightning Strike Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsDelirious Cold Snap Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsBlighted Cold Snap Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsUpgrade Scroll S22
ItemMicrotransactionsLunar Set Upgrade Scroll
ItemStackable CurrencyMagmatic%20OreMagmatic Ore
ItemItem Classes
ItemItem ClassesBreachstones

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