Level: (1–20)
Cost: (4–5) Mana
Attack Speed: 180% of base
Requires Level (34–70), (79–155) Dex
Channel to charge up your bow, gaining stages. Release to trigger one supported bow skill for each stage gained. If there are no supported skills, but at least one stage was gained, this skill will fire its own arrow instead. Cannot be used by Totems.
Maximum 6 Stages
This Skill's Arrows deal (50–80)% more Damage with Ailments per Stage
This Skill's Arrows deal (70–108)% more Damage with Hits per Stage

Additional Effects From Quality:
+(0–1) Maximum Stage
Snipe Support
Cost & Reservation Multiplier: 50%
Cooldown Time: 0.05 sec
Supports bow attack skills. Cannot support channelled skills, instant skills, Vaal skills, or skills used by totems, traps, or mines.
Supported Skills deal 40% less Damage
Supported Skills deal (70–108)% more Damage with Hits per Snipe Stage
Supported Skills deal (50–80)% more Damage with Ailments per Snipe Stage
Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
Quest /1
4Breaking the SealQuest RewardRanger
Level Effect /40
Maximum 6 Stages
Supported Skills deal 40% less Damage
This Skill is Triggered by Snipe
(Ailments that deal Damage are Bleeding, Ignited, and Poisoned)
LevelRequires LevelDexCostThis Skill's Arrows deal 50% more Damage with Ailments per StageThis Skill's Arrows deal 70% more Damage with Hits per StageExperience
1347941, 501, 70252,595
2368341, 511, 72314,394
3388841, 531, 74388,734
4409241, 541, 76477,437
5429641, 561, 78583,786
64410041, 581, 80710,359
74610441, 591, 821,355,511
84810941, 611, 841,138,877
95011341, 621, 861,368,233
105211741, 641, 881,638,338
115412141, 661, 901,956,648
125612551, 671, 923,655,184
135813051, 691, 943,017,327
146013451, 701, 963,576,232
156213851, 721, 989,164,731
166414251, 741, 10017,861,428
176614651, 751, 10246,032,386
186815151, 771, 10487,248,039
196915351, 781, 106157,972,052
207015551, 801, 108
217251, 821, 110
227451, 831, 112
237651, 851, 114
247851, 861, 116
258051, 881, 118
268251, 901, 120
278451, 911, 122
288661, 931, 124
298861, 941, 126
309061, 961, 128
319161, 971, 129
329261, 981, 130
339361, 981, 131
349461, 991, 132
359561, 1001, 133
369661, 1011, 134
379761, 1021, 135
389861, 1021, 136
399961, 1031, 137
4010061, 1041, 138
Attribute /11


CostiLvl 1: Normal: 1xOrb of Chance
AcronymHit, Ailment
DropLevel 34
BaseType Snipe
Class Skill Gems
TypeAttack, RangedAttack, MirageArcherCanUse, Projectile, ProjectilesFromUser, Channel, Physical
ItemTypeMetadata/Items/Gems/SkillGemChannelledSnipe, Community Wiki
You are gaining stages by channelling the Snipe skill.
Attribute /5


Codeoverride turn duration ms
Labyrinth Enchantment helmet /9 ⍟
The Merciless LabyrinthEnchantment Projectile Weakness Curse Effect 1Sniper's Mark has 10% increased Curse Effect100
The Eternal LabyrinthEnchantment Projectile Weakness Curse Effect 2Sniper's Mark has 15% increased Curse Effect100
The Merciless LabyrinthEnchantment Projectile Weakness Duration 1Sniper's Mark has 30% increased Duration
The Eternal LabyrinthEnchantment Projectile Weakness Duration 2Sniper's Mark has 45% increased Duration
The Eternal LabyrinthEnchantment Snipe Maximum Stacks+1 to maximum Snipe Stages100
The Merciless LabyrinthEnchantment Snipe Attack Speed 110% increased Attack Speed with Snipe100
The Eternal LabyrinthEnchantment Snipe Attack Speed 215% increased Attack Speed with Snipe100
The Merciless LabyrinthEnchantment Snipe Stun Avoidance 135% chance to Avoid being Stunned while Channelling Snipe100
The Eternal LabyrinthEnchantment Snipe Stun Avoidance 250% chance to Avoid being Stunned while Channelling Snipe100
Supported By /105 ⍟
Added Fire Damage Support
Faster Attacks Support
Greater Multiple Projectiles Support
Lesser Multiple Projectiles Support
Faster Projectiles Support
Added Cold Damage Support
Additional Accuracy Support
Added Lightning Damage Support
Increased Critical Strikes Support
Increased Critical Damage Support
Knockback Support
Life Leech Support
Mana Leech Support
Added Chaos Damage Support
Stun Support
Pierce Support
Item Rarity Support
Cold to Fire Support
Combustion Support
Elemental Damage with Attacks Support
Life Gain on Hit Support
Elemental Proliferation Support
Culling Strike Support
Point Blank Support
Iron Grip Support
Damage on Full Life Support
Chance to Flee Support
Blind Support
Fire Penetration Support
Cold Penetration Support
Lightning Penetration Support
Elemental Penetration Support
Chain Support
Fork Support
Returning Projectiles Support
Power Charge On Critical Support
Burning Damage Support
Hextouch Support
Cast On Critical Strike Support
Slower Projectiles Support
Vicious Projectiles Support
Block Chance Reduction Support
Physical to Lightning Support
Ice Bite Support
Hypothermia Support
Innervate Support
Critical Strike Affliction Support
Void Manipulation Support
Controlled Destruction Support
Swift Affliction Support
Elemental Focus Support
Cast while Channelling Support
Ignite Proliferation Support
Chance to Bleed Support
Chance to Poison Support
Deadly Ailments Support
Decay Support
Efficacy Support
Vile Toxins Support
Maim Support
Immolate Support
Unbound Ailments Support
Brutality Support
Momentum Support
Infused Channelling Support
Volley Support
Summon Phantasm Support
Mirage Archer Support
Withering Touch Support
Bonechill Support
Energy Leech Support
Impale Support
Nightblade Support
Greater Volley Support
Awakened Added Fire Damage Support
Awakened Brutality Support
Awakened Burning Damage Support
Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks Support
Awakened Fire Penetration Support
Awakened Added Cold Damage Support
Awakened Cast On Critical Strike Support
Awakened Chain Support
Awakened Cold Penetration Support
Awakened Deadly Ailments Support
Awakened Fork Support
Awakened Greater Multiple Projectiles Support
Awakened Swift Affliction Support
Awakened Void Manipulation Support
Awakened Vicious Projectiles Support
Awakened Added Chaos Damage Support
Awakened Added Lightning Damage Support
Awakened Cast While Channelling Support
Awakened Controlled Destruction Support
Awakened Hextouch Support
Awakened Elemental Focus Support
Awakened Lightning Penetration Support
Awakened Unbound Ailments Support
Trinity Support
Bloodthirst Support
Cruelty Support
Overcharge Support
Prismatic Burst Support
Devour Support
Sadism Support
Volatility Support
Snipe Unique /1 ⍟
Grants Level 30 Snipe Skill
Socketed Non-Channelling Bow Skills are Triggered by Snipe
Socketed Triggered Bow Skills gain a 0.05 second Cooldown
+(350–500) to Accuracy Rating
+(350–500) to Evasion Rating
+2 to maximum Snipe Stages
+(14–20)% chance to Suppress Spell Damage while Channelling
(50% of Damage from Suppressed Hits and Ailments they inflict is prevented)

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