Prophecy Perandus Rampage
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Unique /3

Unique /3

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FontOfThunderFont of Thunder Mirrored Spiked Shield
4% chance to Dodge Attack Hits
(500–600)% increased Evasion and Energy Shield
(25–40)% increased Mana Regeneration Rate
+50% chance to be Shocked
(Shock increases Damage taken by 15%, for 2 seconds)
40% of Cold Damage taken as Lightning
40% of Fire Damage taken as Lightning
AltChargeIntGraven's Secret Cloth Belt
(15–25)% increased Stun and Block Recovery
+(60–70) to maximum Energy Shield
(16–20)% increased maximum Mana
+(40–60)% to Lightning Resistance
Modifiers to Minimum Power Charges instead apply to Minimum Absorption Charges
Maximum Absorption Charges is equal to Maximum Power Charges
Gain Absorption Charges instead of Power Charges
(Players Recoup 12% of Elemental Damage taken as Energy Shield per Absorption Charge)
(Only Damage from Hits can be Recouped, over 4 seconds following the Hit)
MahuxotlShieldMahuxotl's Machination Steel Kite Shield
Corrupted Soul
(50% of Non-Chaos Damage taken bypasses Energy Shield
Gain 15% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield)

Divine Flesh
(All Damage taken bypasses Energy Shield
50% of Elemental Damage taken as Chaos Damage
+5% to maximum Chaos Resistance)

Eternal Youth
(50% less Life Regeneration Rate. 50% less Maximum total Life Recovery per second from Leech. Energy Shield Recharge instead applies to Life)
Everlasting Sacrifice
(When you reach full Energy Shield, Sacrifice all Energy Shield to gain +5% to all Maximum Resistances for 4 seconds)
Immortal Ambition
(Energy Shield starts at zero. Cannot Recharge or Regenerate Energy Shield. Lose 5% of Energy Shield per second. Life Leech effects are not removed when Unreserved Life is Filled. Life Leech effects Recover Energy Shield instead while on Full Life)
Vaal Pact
(Total Recovery from Life Leech is doubled, Maximum total Life Recovery per second from Leech is doubled, Life Regeneration has no effect.)
Passive Skills Changes to /2

Passive Skills Changes to /2

VaalKeystoneDivineFleshDivine FleshAll Damage taken bypasses Energy Shield
50% of Elemental Damage taken as Chaos Damage
+5% to maximum Chaos Resistance
(Maximum Resistances cannot be raised above 90%)
Give up your flesh unto the gods, and in vulnerability find strength.
Glorious Vanity: Xibaqua
KaruiKeystoneTemperedByWarTempered by War50% of Cold and Lightning Damage taken as Fire Damage
50% less Cold Resistance
50% less Lightning Resistance
Tasalio and Valako test you, child of the volcano. Prove yourself worthy.
Lethal Pride: Rakiata