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Microtransactions The Help Panel

Microtransactions The Help Panel

Microtransactions and the Shop

Path of Exile is completely free to play. You can't buy items, experience boosts, or anything that provides power, and you can do every bit of content without ever spending a cent. That said, we greatly appreciate our supporters as they allow us to continue to develop the game we love.

To that end, cosmetic items and stash tabs can be purchased from the Microtransaction shop. If you run out of stash space, the store sells extra stash tabs (you can even buy them in bulk!). If you would like to organise your stash to a greater degree, premium stash tabs and specialised stash tabs such as the Currency tab are available for purchase. There's also a wide variety of cosmetic items available for purchase. Some replace the appearance of an item, while some add to the appearance of the items you're already wearing. Some even completely change the way a particular skill looks. After you buy a cosmetic microtransaction, you can proudly display it by opening your inventory panel and navigating to the Cosmetics tab. From here you have the ability to display any cosmetic microtransaction you own in its appropriate slot.

Supporter Packs

The Cosmetics tab is accessible from the Inventory screen.

Many players who want to support Path of Exile opt to buy Supporter Packs, which contain points for purchasing microtransactions as well as forum titles, player portrait frames, exclusive cosmetics that are only available from those packs, and more. Each Supporter Pack is only available for a limited time. Once it gets taken off the market, it never returns. If you would like to support us and the continued development of Path of Exile, please consider visiting our Shop.