Act 4 Quest /11 ⍟
The Eternal Nightmare Normal
Act: 4
Dialla is waiting for you on the Aqueduct. Talk to her and see what she wants.
Reward: Support Gems
Breaking the Seal Normal
Act: 4
Find Deshret's Banner in the Dried Lake, then use it in town to break Deshret's Seal and gain access to the Mines.
Reward: Skill Gems
The King of Fury Normal
Act: 4
Dialla requires the Eye of Fury to activate the Rapture Device, but it is guarded by King Kaom. Take it from him and deliver it to Dialla.
The King of Desire Normal
Act: 4
Dialla requires the Eye of Desire to activate the Rapture Device, but it is guarded by Daresso, King of Swords. Take it from him and deliver it to Dialla.
Corpus Malachus Normal
Act: 4
Piety requires three of Malachai's organs to gain access to the Black Core. Find them and deliver them to her.
An Indomitable Spirit Optional
Act: 4
Tasuni can hear the spirit of Deshret calling to him, and wants you to help her. Find her spirit in the Mines and free it.
Reward: 1 Passive Skill Points, 2 Passive Respec Points
The Lord's Labyrinth Labyrinth
Act: 12
Solve all the Trials of Ascendancy to access the Lord's Labyrinth.
Return to Oriath Normal
Act: 5
You have successfully reached Oriath, but are trapped in the Slave Pens. Find a way to escape.
Reward: Rings
Niko's Fuel MasterQuest
Act: 4
Niko wants you to find a vein of Voltaxic Sulphite. Search the Mines under Highgate for some.
Niko's Mine MasterQuest
Act: 4
Collect Voltaxic Sulphite for Niko.
Niko's Explosives MasterQuest
Act: 4
Spend Azurite at the Voltaxic Generator to craft two flares and a dynamite at the Mine Encampment.
Text Audio /18 ⍟

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Act 4

Act. 4 (around 35 minutes including normal lab)

  1. Go through "The Aqueduct" and make your way to town.

  2. In town, go straight left to "The Dried Lake".

  3. This is a great zone to get a lot of experience so feel free to full clear it if you are more than 2 levels behind the zone level.

  4. Once we have the banner from killing the mini-boss Voll, go straight to "The Mines Level 1" until you reach "The Mines Level 2"。

  5. In "The Mines Level 2", there is a skill point quest from freeing the spirit of Deshret, you must find this before proceeding.
    IF you happen to find the exit to "The Crystal Veins" before you find the quest, open up a portal at the entrance and keep going.

  6. Make your way through "The Crystal Veins" until you reach the waypoint. IF you haven't gotten the Spirit of Deshret yet, take the waypoint back to town and enter your portal, find the Spirit.

  7. It's time to run your FIRST Lab! You should be somewhere around level 32-34 or so. Talk to Tasuni for your skill point and then take the waypoint back to Act 3 and walk up to the lab. Remember to click the waypoint in the Plaza so you can always come back.

    Before you start your lab, check out PoeLab for the Lab layout. Normal Lab is ALWAYS the same layout pretty much, but get accustomed to poelab either way.

  8. After Lab, head back to "The Crystal Veins" and go Right into "Daresso's Dream"

  9. Make your way through that zone until you reach "The Grand Arena", take the waypoint in that zone back to The Crystal Veins".

  10. This time go Left into "Kaom's Dream" and make your way through both levels and up to Kaoms, kill him and log out.

  11. Take the waypoint from Town back to "The Grand Arena" and make your way to Daresso, kill him and log out.

    The Reason why we do Half of Daresso, followed by Koams entirely and back to Daressos is to try to maximise exp gain by running both lower level zone in a row
    followed by both the higher level zones. This can give up an additional level to kill both bosses which can make it easier.

  12. Head back to "The Crystal Veins " and into "The Belly of the Beast Level 1", struggle for however long until you make your way up to Piety. Kill her and go forward to "The Harvest"
    Not much to say about "The Belly of the Beast Level 1", it's filled with dead ends and an overall aweful zone for experience as well. A "Sealing" flask helps A LOT in this zone because all the puncture mobs will cause bleeds which do more damage to you as you move.
    Such flask isn't NECESSARY at all and I wouldn't waste ressources trying to roll one, but if you are absolutely struggling, head over to your menagerie
    and craft on "Sealing" with 4 random rare beasts. Most of your flasks at that point in time will be replaced later so it's a bit of a waste.

    The Belly of the Beast Level 2

  13. In "The Harvest ", kill all three bosses (always one on the Right side and two on the Left side) and finally Malachai, The Nightmare, then log out.

  14. In town, talk to Dialla and Oyun for your rewards, this is where you unlock the last set of "endgame gems" such as Spell Echo Support or Greater Multiple Projectiles Support .

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