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Prophecy Perandus Rampage
The Pantheon Fossil Catalysts Delirium Orb Scarab Breachstone Emblem Timeless Jewel Divination Card
Expedition Item /47 ⍟

Expedition Item /47 ⍟

A Sea of Blue
Stack Size: 1 / 3
13x Orb of Alteration
Ambitious Obsession
Stack Size: 1 / 4
Skittering Delirium Orb
Stack Size: 1 / 1000
DannigRerollCurrencyBurial Medallion
Stack Size: 1 / 1000
Rune15Common Black Scythe Artifact
Stack Size: 1 / 50000
Rune11Common Broken Circle Artifact
Stack Size: 1 / 50000
Rune14Common Order Artifact
Stack Size: 1 / 50000
Rune2Common Sun Artifact
Stack Size: 1 / 50000
Corundum Flask
Lasts 5 Second
Consumes 20 of 50 Charge on use
Currently has 50 Charge
30% increased Stun Threshold
Requires Level 27
Costly Curio
Stack Size: 1 / 6
Double-Influenced Item
Stack Size: 1 / 11
10x Delirium Orb
FlaskPlateEnkindling Orb
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Adds an enchantment to a utility flask that will improve it but prevent it from gaining charges during its effect. Replaces any existing enchantment.
BarterRefreshCurrencyExotic Coinage
Stack Size: 1 / 1000
Expedition Logbook
Gold Flask
Lasts 3 Second
Consumes 60 of 80 Charge on use
Currently has 80 Charge
30% increased Rarity of Items found
Requires Level 22
Rune20Grand Black Scythe Artifact
Stack Size: 1 / 5000
Rune3Grand Broken Circle Artifact
Stack Size: 1 / 5000
Rune21Grand Order Artifact
Stack Size: 1 / 5000
Rune1Grand Sun Artifact
Stack Size: 1 / 5000
Rune10Greater Black Scythe Artifact
Stack Size: 1 / 25000
Rune8Greater Broken Circle Artifact
Stack Size: 1 / 25000
Rune7Greater Order Artifact
Stack Size: 1 / 25000
Rune4Greater Sun Artifact
Stack Size: 1 / 25000
FlaskInjectorInstilling Orb
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Adds an enchantment to a utility flask that will cause it to be used when certain conditions are met. Replaces any existing enchantment.
Iron Flask
Lasts 3 Second
Consumes 40 of 60 Charge on use
Currently has 60 Charge
+200 to Ward
Requires Level 40
Restores Ward on use
Lachrymal Necrosis
Stack Size: 1 / 3
Implicit Modifier:
Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted on you
Rune6Lesser Black Scythe Artifact
Stack Size: 1 / 50000
Rune16Lesser Broken Circle Artifact
Stack Size: 1 / 50000
Rune13Lesser Order Artifact
Stack Size: 1 / 50000
Rune17Lesser Sun Artifact
Stack Size: 1 / 50000
Runic Crest
Ward: 81
Requires Level 49, 55 Str, 55 Dex, 55 Int
Runic Crown
Ward: 137
Requires Level 68, 66 Str, 66 Dex, 66 Int
Runic Gages
Ward: 52
Requires Level 48, 31 Str, 31 Dex, 31 Int
Runic Gauntlets
Ward: 85
Requires Level 69, 38 Str, 38 Dex, 38 Int
Runic Gloves
Ward: 20
Requires Level 24, 16 Str, 16 Dex, 16 Int
Runic Greaves
Ward: 20
Requires Level 24, 20 Str, 20 Dex, 20 Int
Runic Helm
Ward: 34
Requires Level 25, 30 Str, 30 Dex, 30 Int
Runic Sabatons
Ward: 85
Requires Level 69, 46 Str, 46 Dex, 46 Int
Runic Sollerets
Ward: 52
Requires Level 48, 37 Str, 37 Dex, 37 Int
DealerRefreshCurrencyScrap Metal
Stack Size: 1 / 1000
Terrible Secret of Space
Stack Size: 1 / 8
Level 21 Golem Gem
Any Quality Type: +23%
The Blessing of Moosh
Stack Size: 1 / 4
Labyrinth Enchantment
The Emptiness
Stack Size: 1 / 6
Vaal Breach
Quality: +6%
The Last Supper
Stack Size: 1 / 6
Bino's Kitchen Knife
The Mind's Eyes
Stack Size: 1 / 7
Astral Projector
The Offspring
Stack Size: 1 / 9
Ryslatha's Coil
The Price of Prescience
Stack Size: 1 / 5
Vaal Temple Map
Map Tier: 16
Delirium: 100%
History /284 ⍟

History /284 ⍟

HideoutsHideoutRedeemer's Hideout
HideoutsHideoutSynthetic Hideout
ItemHideout DoodadsSynthesiser
ItemHideout DoodadsSynthesis Light Beam
ItemHideout DoodadsStained-Glass Window
ItemHideout DoodadsGrand Column
ItemHideout DoodadsLoose Floorboards
ItemHideout DoodadsSynthesis Golem Parts
ItemHideout DoodadsMemory Stabilizer
ItemHideout DoodadsSynthesis Medallion
ItemHideout DoodadsEngineering Desk
ItemHideout DoodadsDerelict Map Device
ItemHideout DoodadsSynthesis Trim
ItemHideout DoodadsMap Device Parts
ItemHideout DoodadsVenarius' Toys
ItemHideout DoodadsVenarius' Drawings
ItemHideout DoodadsSynthesis Emitter
ItemMicrotransactionsMidnight Pact Character Effect
ItemItem ThemesBuccaneer
ItemItem ThemesDireblade
ItemItem ThemesNecrolord
ItemItem ThemesStarfall
ItemItem ThemesMyrmidon
ItemItem ThemesExpedition
ItemItem ThemesMidnight Pact
ItemItem ClassesExpedition Logbooks
ItemItem Classes
ItemItem Classes
ItemItem Classes
ItemStackable CurrencyRune1Grand Sun Artifact
ItemStackable CurrencyRune4Greater Sun Artifact
ItemStackable CurrencyRune2Common Sun Artifact
ItemStackable CurrencyRune17Lesser Sun Artifact
ItemStackable CurrencyRune21Grand Order Artifact
ItemStackable CurrencyRune7Greater Order Artifact
ItemStackable CurrencyRune14Common Order Artifact
ItemStackable CurrencyRune13Lesser Order Artifact
ItemStackable CurrencyRune20Grand Black Scythe Artifact
ItemStackable CurrencyRune10Greater Black Scythe Artifact
ItemStackable CurrencyRune15Common Black Scythe Artifact
ItemStackable CurrencyRune6Lesser Black Scythe Artifact
ItemStackable CurrencyRune3Grand Broken Circle Artifact
ItemStackable CurrencyRune8Greater Broken Circle Artifact
ItemStackable CurrencyRune11Common Broken Circle Artifact
ItemStackable CurrencyRune16Lesser Broken Circle Artifact
ItemStackable CurrencyDannigRerollCurrencyBurial Medallion
ItemStackable CurrencyGamblerRefreshCurrencyAstragali
ItemStackable CurrencyDealerRefreshCurrencyScrap Metal
ItemStackable CurrencyBarterRefreshCurrencyExotic Coinage
ItemStackable CurrencyFlaskInjectorInstilling Orb
ItemStackable CurrencyFlaskPlateEnkindling Orb
ItemExpedition LogbooksExpedition Logbook
ItemMicrotransactionsMidnight Pact Mystery Box
ItemDivination CardsAmbitious Obsession
ItemDivination CardsDementophobia
ItemDivination CardsLachrymal Necrosis
ItemDivination CardsCostly Curio
ItemDivination CardsThe Blessing of Moosh
ItemDivination CardsTerrible Secret of Space
ItemDivination CardsThe Mind's Eyes
ItemDivination CardsThe Price of Prescience
ItemDivination CardsThe Offspring
ItemDivination CardsA Sea of Blue
ItemDivination CardsThe Emptiness
ItemDivination CardsThe Last Supper
ItemHideout DoodadsVaal Sigil Decoration
ItemHideout DoodadsAbyss Sigil Decoration
ItemHideout DoodadsOriath Sigil Decoration
ItemHideout DoodadsStygian Sigil Decoration
ItemHideout DoodadsTemple Sigil Decoration
ItemHideout DoodadsIllusionist Sigil Decoration
ItemHideout DoodadsOverseer Environmental Effect
ItemHideout DoodadsOverseer Curios
ItemHideout DoodadsOverseer Building Supplies
ItemHideout DoodadsScavenger Environmental Effect
ItemHideout DoodadsScavenger Curios
ItemHideout DoodadsScavenger Building Supplies
ItemHideout DoodadsExpedition Locker
ItemHideout DoodadsMidnight Pact Guild Stash
ItemHideout DoodadsMidnight Pact Stash
ItemHideout DoodadsApollyon Guild Stash
ItemHideout DoodadsApollyon Stash
ItemHideout DoodadsExpedition Challenger Trophy
ItemHideout DoodadsRog, the Dealer
ItemHideout DoodadsTujen, the Haggler
ItemHideout DoodadsGwennen, the Gambler
ItemHideout DoodadsDannig, Warrior Skald
ItemActive Skill GemsEye of Winter
ItemActive Skill GemsExplosive Concoction
ItemActive Skill GemsSummon Reaper
ItemActive Skill GemsBoneshatter
ItemSupport Skill GemsBehead Support
ItemSupport Skill GemsFocused Ballista Support
ItemActive Skill GemsShield Crush
ItemActive Skill GemsStorm Rain
ItemActive Skill GemsManabond
ItemActive Skill GemsForbidden Rite
ItemActive Skill GemsAmbush
ItemActive Skill GemsAbsolution
ItemSupport Skill GemsEarthbreaker Support
ItemActive Skill GemsBattlemage's Cry
ItemActive Skill GemsSpectral Helix
ItemActive Skill GemsRage Vortex
ItemActive Skill GemsVoltaxic Burst
ItemActive Skill GemsDefiance Banner
ItemUtility FlasksIron Flask
ItemUtility FlasksCorundum Flask
ItemUtility FlasksGold Flask
ItemGlovesRunic Gauntlets
ItemGlovesRunic Gages
ItemGlovesRunic Gloves
ItemBootsRunic Sabatons
ItemBootsRunic Sollerets
ItemBootsRunic Greaves
ItemHelmetsRunic Crown
ItemHelmetsRunic Crest
ItemHelmetsRunic Helm
ItemMicrotransactionsBuccaneer Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsJingwei Premium Expired Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsJingwei Premium Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsJingwei Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsAuspicious Dragon Premium Expired Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsAuspicious Dragon Premium Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsAuspicious Dragon Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsChaotic Ethercraft Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsTranquil Ethercraft Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsEnraged Ethercraft Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsSavage Ethercraft Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsParagon Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsOverseer Owl Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsOverseer Candlemass Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsScavenger Ratmother Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsScavenger Bat Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsFreya Summer Premium Expired Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsFreya Summer Premium Pet
ItemMicrotransactionsCurrency Cyclone Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsDireblade Weapon
ItemMicrotransactionsStormcult Shock Nova Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsVoid Spark Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsSunprism Wings
ItemMicrotransactionsArctic Crystal Portal Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsMyrmidon Hood
ItemMicrotransactionsBalefire Weapon
ItemMicrotransactionsCelestial Consecrated Path Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsOblivion Character Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsDemonic Orb of Storms Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsStygian Chain Hook Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsPurple Pyre Knight Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsPurple Pyre Knight Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsPurple Pyre Knight Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsPurple Pyre Knight Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsVoid Emperor Arcane Cloak Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsStygian Plague Bearer Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsZenith Portal Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsDragon Sword Portal Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsFlutter of Butterflies Apparition Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsRapture Wings
ItemMicrotransactionsTranscendence Flame Wall Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsIllusionist Quiver
ItemMicrotransactionsIllusionist Bow
ItemMicrotransactionsIllusionist Shield
ItemMicrotransactionsStygian Smoke Mine Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsStygian Stormblast Mine Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsStygian Pyroclast Mine Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsStygian Icicle Mine Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsCelestial Brand Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsLabyrinth Apparition Back Attachment
ItemMicrotransactionsMyrmidon Vortex Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsMyrmidon Hydrosphere Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsMyrmidon Lightning Strike Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsMyrmidon Dash Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsMyrmidon Portal Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsMyrmidon Character Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsMyrmidon Weapon Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsMyrmidon Cloak
ItemMicrotransactionsMyrmidon Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsMyrmidon Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsMyrmidon Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsMyrmidon Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsTranscendence Exsanguinate Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsStarfall Weapon Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsStarfall Cloak
ItemMicrotransactionsStarfall Wings
ItemMicrotransactionsStarfall Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsStarfall Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsStarfall Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsStarfall Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsShark Cyclone Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsNightfall Spectral Helix Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsCelestial Eye of Winter Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsStygian Infernal Blow Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsCelestial Sweep Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsNightfall Dual Strike Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsNecrolord Weapon Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsNecrolord Weapon
ItemMicrotransactionsSunrise Necrolord Wings
ItemMicrotransactionsAutomaton Necrolord Wings
ItemMicrotransactionsCelestial Necrolord Wings
ItemMicrotransactionsStygian Necrolord Wings
ItemMicrotransactionsNecrolord Wings
ItemMicrotransactionsSunrise Necrolord Cloak
ItemMicrotransactionsAutomaton Necrolord Cloak
ItemMicrotransactionsCelestial Necrolord Cloak
ItemMicrotransactionsStygian Necrolord Cloak
ItemMicrotransactionsNecrolord Cloak
ItemMicrotransactionsSunrise Necrolord Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsSunrise Necrolord Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsSunrise Necrolord Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsSunrise Necrolord Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsAutomaton Necrolord Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsAutomaton Necrolord Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsAutomaton Necrolord Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsAutomaton Necrolord Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsCelestial Necrolord Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsCelestial Necrolord Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsCelestial Necrolord Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsCelestial Necrolord Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsStygian Necrolord Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsStygian Necrolord Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsStygian Necrolord Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsStygian Necrolord Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsNecrolord Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsNecrolord Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsNecrolord Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsNecrolord Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsMystic Burning Arrow Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsVoid Emperor Bladefall Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsVoid Emperor Blade Blast Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsMidnight Pact Footprints Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsMidnight Pact Portal Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsMidnight Pact Weapon Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsMidnight Pact Cloak
ItemMicrotransactionsMidnight Pact Wings
ItemMicrotransactionsMidnight Pact Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsMidnight Pact Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsMidnight Pact Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsMidnight Pact Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsMidnight Pact Hood
ItemMicrotransactionsOverseer Aura Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsOverseer Cold Snap Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsOverseer Footprints Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsOverseer Portal Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsOverseer Character Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsOverseer Weapon Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsOverseer Weapon
ItemMicrotransactionsOverseer Cloak
ItemMicrotransactionsOverseer Wings
ItemMicrotransactionsOverseer Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsOverseer Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsOverseer Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsOverseer Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsOverseer Hood
ItemMicrotransactionsScavenger Aura Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsScavenger Blood Rage Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsScavenger Footprints Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsScavenger Portal Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsScavenger Character Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsScavenger Weapon Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsScavenger Weapon
ItemMicrotransactionsScavenger Tail Attachment
ItemMicrotransactionsScavenger Back Attachment
ItemMicrotransactionsScavenger Body Armour
ItemMicrotransactionsScavenger Gloves
ItemMicrotransactionsScavenger Boots
ItemMicrotransactionsScavenger Helmet
ItemMicrotransactionsScavenger Hood
ItemMicrotransactionsExpedition Brimmed Hat
ItemMicrotransactionsExpedition Portal Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsExpedition Weapon Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsExpedition Footprints Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsJingwei Portal Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsJingwei Apparition Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsJingwei Weapon
ItemMicrotransactionsJingwei Cloak
ItemMicrotransactionsJingwei Wings
ItemMicrotransactionsDarkshard Golem Skin
ItemMicrotransactionsDarkshard Cyclone Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsDarkshard Hood
ItemMicrotransactionsLightbringer Golem Skin
ItemMicrotransactionsLightbringer Hood
ItemMicrotransactionsVoid Emperor Cremation Effect
ItemMicrotransactionsPet Convert Styles and Upgrade Scroll
ItemMicrotransactionsPet Convert to Special Scroll
ItemMicrotransactionsPet Convert to Normal Scroll
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