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Attaque Mêlée Fracas Sort Nova Physique Froid Projectile Créature Totem Zone Durée
Chef de guerre ancestral (28)
Attaque, Totem, Zone, Fracas, Mêlée
Lacération (12)
Attaque, Zone, Physique, Mêlée
Globe de givre (1)
Sort, Projectile, Froid
Offrande spirituelle (12)
Créature, Sort, Durée
Vortex (28)
Sort, Zone, Froid, Durée, Nova
Text Audio /2 ⍟
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Prophecy league

Archnemesis Patch Notes

Prophecy Problem:

  • Most prophecy content is not up to our modern standards of league quality or rewards, and as new systems and mechanics are introduced, older content is gradually retired.


  • Remove the Prophecy mechanic from the game, and move many of its rewards to other content.


  • Navali no longer appears in the game. The Faun fight is still present in The Climb.
  • Silver Coins can no longer drop. Existing Silver Coins and itemised Prophecies will be deleted from your inventory and stash the next time you log in after the launch of 3.17.0.
  • The following Fated Unique items will no longer be obtainable outside of trading with other players in permanent leagues: Corona Solaris, Crystal Vault, Deidbellow, Dreadsurge, Ezomyte Hold, Fox's Fortune, Greedtrap, Hrimnor's Dirge, Kaltensoul, Karui Charge, Martyr's Crown, Mirebough, Ngamahu Tiki, Panquetzaliztli, Realm Ender, Sanguine Gambol, Shavronne's Gambit, Silverbough, Sunspite, The Effigon, The Gryphon, The Oak, Voidheart, and Wall of Brambles.
  • In a few cases, the Fated version of a Unique item felt worth keeping in the game but there was little value in having the Fated and base versions of the Unique item be separate. In these cases, the Fated Unique item has been disabled, but the base Unique item has been modified to be identical or similar to the old Fated version:
  • Bloodboil has been renamed to Winterweave. It no longer has "75% reduced Effect of Chill on you". It now has "Adds 12-15 to 25-30 Cold Damage to Attacks" and "The Effect of Chill on you is reversed". It also now provides 25-30% Cold Resistance (previously 10-15%). Existing items are unaffected by these changes. The old, fated version of Winterweave can no longer be acquired.
  • Chalice of Horrors no longer has "Curse Skills have 100% increased Skill Effect Duration". It now has "1% of Damage Leeched as Life against Cursed Enemies". Existing items are unaffected by these changes. Thirst for Horrors can no longer be acquired.
  • Craghead now has "140-200% increased Stun Duration on Enemies" (previously 60-80%). Existing items can be updated to these new values with a Divine Orb. Cragfall can no longer be acquired.
  • Geofri's Crest now has "+1 to maximum number of Summoned Holy Relics" and "Summoned Holy Relics have 20-25% reduced Cooldown Recovery Rate". Existing items are unaffected by this change. Geofri's Legacy can no longer be acquired.
  • Iron Heart has been renamed to The Iron Fortress. It no longer has "8-12% Chance to Block Attack Damage" or "Cannot Block Spells". It now has "+1% Chance to Block Attack Damage per 50 Strength", "Chance to Block Spell Damage is Unlucky", and "+60-120 to Strength". Existing items are unaffected by these changes. The old, fated version of The Iron Fortress can no longer be acquired.
  • The skill granted by The Dancing Dervish is now called "Manifest Dancing Dervishes" and manifests two copies of the Sword. Existing versions of The Dancing Duo are affected by this change, and no longer have "Manifest Dancing Dervish also manifests a copy of Dancing Dervish". The Dancing Duo can no longer be acquired. The Dancing Dervish has further changes unrelated to The Dancing Duo's removal, which are detailed in the Unique Item Balance section.
  • Timeclasp no longer has "Temporal Chains has 50% reduced Effect on you". It now has "Unaffected by Temporal Chains" and "-10-10% increased Skill Effect Duration". It now also provides +40-45 to maximum Energy Shield (previously +15-25). Existing items are unaffected by these changes. Timetwist can no longer be acquired.
  • Atziri's Reflection is no longer considered a Fated Unique item, and is now a rare drop from Atziri, Queen of the Vaal in The Alluring Abyss. Atziri's Mirror can no longer be acquired.
  • Fated Unique Items not mentioned above now have a chance to drop from any endgame map boss. This is a temporary measure to maintain their availability. They will be moved to a new acquisition system in a future expansion.
  • Unique Items previously obtained by completing Prophecy chains have been added to the core drop pool.
  • The Pale Council fight is no longer accessible and its previously-exclusive Unique Items have been added to the core drop pool. Existing Pale Council Fragments will be deleted from your inventory and stash the next time you log in after the launch of 3.17.0.
  • The Ruler of the Court Achievement is now obtained after completing The Vinktar Square (previously from defeating The Pale Council).
  • Stored crafts that change a Pale Court Key into another random Pale Court Key have been removed from Horticrafting Stations.
  • Prophecy Item rewards are no longer obtainable from other League content. Existing Prophecy rewards types on Heist Blueprints and Itemised Metamorph Samples have been converted to Currency rewards.
  • Perception Heist Contracts and Blueprints can now spawn generic reward chest rooms at the same rate at which they used to spawn Prophecy reward chest rooms.
  • Leo's Betrayal Transportation Safehouse rewards are now Catalysts, and his Intervention rewards are now Metamorph Scarabs, with Torment Scarabs now being Aislings reward.
  • Existing Portentous Delirium Orbs will be converted to Fine Delirium Orbs.
  • Lilly Roth now invites herself to your hideout once you complete the Fallen from Grace quest in Act 6. In addition to accessing her Gem shop and selling items to her, you can now turn in Divination Cards to her in your Hideout. If you've already completed Fallen from Grace in a permanent league, you will need to talk to Lilly again in Lioneye's Watch to unlock her in your Hideout.


  • Some Divination cards grant Prophecy-related rewards that can no longer be obtained (for example, sealed prophecies).


  • We have updated some Divination Cards that previously awarded Sealed Prophecies, and temporarily disabled others that did not have a relevant update that could be made.


  • Turning in a full stack of A Note in the Wind now awards Asenath's Chant.
  • Turning in a full stack of Akil's Prophecy now awards a Fated Unique Item.
  • Turning in a full stack of Beauty Through Death now awards Atziri's Reflection.
  • Turning in a full stack of The Mad King now awards Kaom's Way.
  • Turning in a full stack of Vile Power now awards Doomfletch's Prism.
  • Turning in a full stack of Immortal Resolve now awards a Six-linked Influenced Body Armour.
  • Turning in a full stack of The Jeweller's Boon now awards a Five-linked Influenced Body Armour.
  • The following Divination Cards have been temporarily disabled: The Valley of Steel Boxes, The Iron Bard, The Side Quest, Sambodhi's Wisdom, and Friendship. Existing items cannot currently be turned in.


The Prophecy league and Hardcore Prophecy league was a pair of challenge leagues. The leagues started on June 3, 2016 along with the release of Version 2.3.0 and ended on August 29. There were 40 optional challenges. Completing the challenges rewards the player with a unique Prophecy Footprints Effect, a unique Prophecy Weapon Effect, and a unique Navali's Monkey Pet at 12, 24 and 36 completed challenges respectively. Completing 19 or more challenges also rewards the player with a unique hideout decoration, the Prophecy Totem, which will grow bigger the more challenges are completed.

In this league, approximately one monster per area could drop a SilverObolSilver Coin. These can be traded with Navali, who can exchange one silver coin for a prophecy. Prophecies have various effects: they can add new enemy encounters to zones, improve crafting outcomes, guarantee a unique drop, and so forth. There are even prophecies that require the player to have a certain unique item equipped, which upgrades the unique item when completed.

At the end of the leagues, all characters and stashes will be moved to Standard league and Hardcore league. Characters that die in the Hardcore Prophecy league will immediately be moved to the permanent Standard league.


These items were initially exclusive to the Prophecy leagues. After the league ended, the prophecy system and items were added to the core game.


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