Act 8

Quest /8 ⍟

Quest /8 ⍟

ActIconNameShow Full Descriptions
11LabyrinthQuestThe Lord's Labyrinth
Solve all the Trials of Ascendancy to access the Lord's Labyrinth.
8DeodreEssence of the Hag
Find Sin at the Sarn Encampment and talk to him about Doedre Darktongue.

Reward: Rings
8LunarisLunar Eclipse
Find a way through the Sewers so you can search for the Moon Orb.

Reward: Soul of Lunaris
8SolarisSolar Eclipse
Find a way through the Sewers so you can search for the Sun Orb.

Reward: Soul of Solaris
8YugulReflection of Terror
Sin wants you to kill Yugul, Reflection of Terror, who can be found in the High Gardens.

Reward: 1 Passive Skill Points, Soul of Yugul
8WingsOfVastiriThe Wings of Vastiri
Hargan has asked you to retrieve the Wings of Vastiri from the Undying Hector Titucius in the Bath House.

Reward: Jewels
8LoveIsDeadLove is Dead
Clarissa has asked you to find the Ankh of Eternity at the Quay, then bring it to her there so she can revive Tolman.

Reward: 1 Passive Skill Points, 2 Passive Respec Points
8GemlingLegionnaresThe Gemling Legion
Maramoa has asked you to kill the Gemling Legionnaires at the Grain Gate.

Reward: 1 Passive Skill Points
Text Audio /6 ⍟

Text Audio /6 ⍟

Act 8Solaris19
Act 8Lunaris21
Act 8Doedre's Manifesto1
Act 8Lunaris Statue3
Act 8Official Orders1
Act 8Solaris Statue3
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