Act 1 Quest /21 ⍟
Enemy at the Gate Normal
Act: 1
A large zombie called Hillock is attacking the town. Kill him to gain access.
Reward: Skill Gems
Mercy Mission Normal
Act: 1
Nessa needs a medicine chest to heal the wounded in town. See if you can find one.
Reward: Life Flasks
Breaking Some Eggs Normal
Act: 1
Tarkleigh has suggested that Rhoas like to collect shiny objects. Investigate their nests in the Mud Flats.
Reward: Skill Gems
A Dirty Job Optional
Act: 1
Tarkleigh wants you to clear the Fetid Pool of all undead and any other monsters. Travel up the Coast and enter the Mud Flats, then search for the Fetid Pool.
Reward: 2 Passive Respec Points
The Dweller of the Deep Optional
Act: 1
Tarkleigh has asked you to dispatch the Dweller of the Deep, a giant crab lurking in the depths below the Submerged Passage.
Reward: 1 Passive Skill Points
The Caged Brute Normal
Act: 1
The Warden, Brutus, has blockaded Axiom Prison. Kill him to get through.
Reward: Skill Gems
The Marooned Mariner Optional
Act: 1
Search the Ship Graveyard for Captain Fairgraves.
Reward: 1 Passive Skill Points
The Siren's Cadence Normal
Act: 1
Merveil, the Siren, is luring sailors and exiles alike to their doom. Find her and kill her.
Reward: Skill Gems
The Way Forward Normal
Act: 2
You have made your way to the forest. Find the encampment.
The Lord's Labyrinth Labyrinth
Act: 12
Solve all the Trials of Ascendancy to access the Lord's Labyrinth.
Shattered Past MasterQuest
Act: 1
Cavas has found a memory and needs your help exploring and stabilising it.
Into The Nexus MasterQuest
Act: 1
Use a waypoint to travel to the Memory Nexus.
Figments Reforged MasterQuest
Act: 1
Use the Synthesiser in the Memory Nexus to Synthesise 3 Fractured Items of the same Type (such as 3 Helmets) into a new Item.
Paying Tribute Normal
Act: 1
There are always multiple Ritual Altars in an area. Seek another out and complete the Ritual.
A Choice of Futures Normal
Act: 1
Your path has led you to an entity of Chaos. Approach him.
A Glimpse Beyond Normal
Act: 1
A mysterious stranger has arrived on Wraeclast. Talk to her in town.
Thirst for Blood Normal
Act: 1
The Blood Crucible seems to have the capacity to hold an item. Place a piece of equipment into it.
Archnemesis Normal
Act: 1
Search for Archnemesis Statues in other areas to use the Modifier you have found.
Sentinel Normal
Act: 1
Open the Sentinel Cache.
Lake of Kalandra Normal
Act: 1
You have discovered a mysterious basalt column. Investigate it further.
Dying for a Fight Normal
Act: 1
You have found a Silver Coin. Rub it between your fingers in a Town or Hideout to open a portal to the Halls of the Dead.

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Act 1

Act. 1 (about 30 minutes with minimal practice)

  1. Kill Hillock

  2. Check Nessa / Tarkleigh for your Links, Gems and movement Speed boots

  3. Go Through "The Coast" and get the waypoint.

  4. Continue onwards to "The Mud Flats" and get the 3 glyphs into "The Submerged Passage" waypoint

  5. Take that Waypoint back to The Coast and proceed to "The Tidal Island"

  6. Kill Hailrake and logout

  7. Check Nessa / Tarkleigh for your Links, Gems and movement Speed boots (again) - Don't forget your movement ability for 2nd Tarkleigh Reward and Quicksilver Flask from Nessa

  8. Go back to "The Submerged Passage" until you find the Bridge. OPEN A PORTAL and Keep going towards "The Ledge"。

  9. Go through "The Ledge" and through The Climb" until you reach the waypoint in the " The Lower Prison"

  10. Take that The Lower Prison and enter your Lioneye's Watch from earlier (to the "The Submerged Passage" ).

  11. Find "The Flooded Depths" and go kill the The Dweller of the Deep and log out afterwards.

  12. Check Nessa / Tarkleigh for any missing Links, Gems and movement Speed boots (again) - Also grab your Skill point from Tarkleigh

  13. Head back to "The Lower Prison" and find your Trial of ascendancy, complete it and keep going towards "The Upper Prison"

  14. Find and Kill Brutus and log out. Prioritize picking up Rare items since they sell for more Alteration Shards when identified, compared to magic items.

  15. Check Nessa / Tarkleigh for your Links, Gems and movement Speed boots (again) - Don't forget your upgraded Movement Ability from Tarkleigh

  16. Take the waypoint to "Prisoner's Gate" and head over to "The Ship Graveyard"。

  17. Find the Waypoint for "The Ship Graveyard", it's typically very close to the entrance.

  18. Find "The Ship Graveyard Cave" and go through it in order to find the Allflame.

  19. Come out of the Cave and keep going until you find the entrance to "The Cavern of Wrath"

  20. Take the waypoint from "The Cavern of Wrath" back to "The Ship Graveyard" waypoint and find Fairgraves

  21. Kill Fairgraves and Logout

  22. Talk to Bestel for your Skillpoint and maybe have another quick look for any missing Links or movement speed boots from Tarkleigh.

  23. Take your waypoint back to "The Cavern of Wrath" and make your way to Merveil, the Siren.

  24. Kill Merveil!

  25. Prioritize picking up Rare items once again! Also Prioritize BOOTS. Early movement speed feels really good!

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