Level: 1–20
Attack Speed: 80% of base
Attack Damage: 155–265% of base
Effectiveness of Added Damage: 155–265%
Sand Radius: 11
Blood Radius: 8
Requires Level 1
Smash the ground to bring forth multiple spears to damage enemies. When in Blood Stance, multiple spikes burst from the ground in sequence, able to hit enemies multiple times. In Sand Stance, the spikes are thrust outwards. Requires a Sword or Axe. You are in Blood Stance by default.
(2–75) to (3–113) Added Attack Physical Damage
Creates 7 Spikes
75% less Damage while in Blood Stance
(0–76)% more Area of Effect while in Sand Stance

Additional Effects From Quality:
Creates (0–2) Spikes
Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
Quest /2 ⍟
Weapon /1
1000 (T5)Trigger Level 20 Stance Swap when you Attack with Perforate or Lacerate
Perforate /6 ⍟
Slam the ground to launch deadly spikes up at enemies. The spikes are tightly packed, can hit multiple enemies, and can hit the same enemy multiple times. Switch to Sand Stance using Blood & Sand gems to explode spikes out over a wider area.
NameShow Full Descriptions
Maim SupportSupport Perforate with this gem to Maim enemies, dealing more physical damage and slowing their movement. Use this to slow monsters and make them easier to avoid.
Melee Physical Damage SupportThis gem causes Perforate to deal more damage. A simple but invaluable way to quickly kill enemies.
Close Combat SupportClose Combat improves your damage against monsters close to you. As Perforate only hits nearby enemies (without Sand stance), this support is a valuable way to increase your damage. Travel Skills are also quicker after you hit enemies with this gem. Travel skills move you quickly to avoid danger.
Impale SupportDeal more physical damage and Impale enemies with the Impale debuff. Impaling enemies stores some of your damage on the enemy. For the next 5 hits on that enemy you deal extra stored damage. You can impale the same enemy more than once for extra damage from attacks.
Brutality SupportCause Perforate to deal much more physical damage, but reduce any elemental damage it deals to zero. Try not to get any modifiers that grant lightning, fire, cold or chaos damage with this support gem. Only physical damage will be increased by this gem.
Multistrike SupportGreatly increase Perforate's attacking speed by performing three attacks in quick succession, dealing more damage on the second and third attacks. You cannot stop or move while multistriking. This gem greatly improves damage but be careful not to get stuck while monsters damage you.
Level Effect /40
Cost: 6
Creates 7 Spikes
75% less Damage while in Blood Stance
LevelRequires LevelStrengthDexterityBase Damage2 to 3 Added Attack Physical Damage#% more Area of Effect while in Sand StanceExperience
1164155%2, 370
2275160.8%2, 34308
34107166.6%3, 481,554
471410172.4%4, 6126,667
5111913178.2%5, 81626,047
6162618183.9%7, 112049,725
7203122189.7%9, 132495,714
8243725195.5%11, 1728169,595
9284229201.3%14, 2032283,759
10324733207.1%16, 2536453,996
11365336212.9%20, 3040703,128
12405840218.7%24, 35441,061,223
13446344224.5%28, 42482,065,870
14486848230.3%33, 49522,507,110
15527451236.1%39, 58565,798,936
16567955241.8%45, 686015,083,919
17608459247.6%52, 796427,792,735
18649062253.4%61, 916843,869,739
19679465259.2%68, 10272242,081,556
20709868265%75, 11376
2172270.8%81, 12280
2274276.6%87, 13084
2376282.4%93, 14088
2478288.2%100, 15092
2580293.9%107, 16096
2682299.7%114, 172100
2784305.5%123, 184104
2886311.3%131, 197108
2988317.1%140, 210112
3090322.9%150, 224116
3191325.8%155, 232118
3292328.7%160, 240120
3393331.6%165, 248122
3494334.5%171, 256124
3595337.4%176, 265126
3696340.3%182, 273128
3797343.2%188, 282130
3898346.1%194, 292132
3999348.9%201, 301134
40100351.8%207, 311136


CostiLvl 1: Normal: 1xScroll of Wisdom
BaseType Perforate
Class Skill Gems
WeaponOne Hand Swords, Thrusting One Hand Swords, One Hand Axes, Two Hand Swords, Two Hand Axes
TargetTypesEnemy, Ground
TypeAttack, Area, Damage, Melee, Multistrikeable, Slam, Totemable
MetadataMetadata/Items/Gems/SkillGemPerforate, Community Wiki
Perforate Monster /2 ⍟
Sevet Tethereinmonster base type attack cast speed +% and damage -% final [33]
Attacks cause Bleeding
Attacks have 15% chance to Maim on Hit
Sevet Tethereinmonster base type attack cast speed +% and damage -% final [33]
Attacks cause Bleeding
Attacks have 15% chance to Maim on Hit
100% increased maximum Life
100% increased Area of Effect
80% increased Character Size
Labyrinth Enchantment helmet /6 ⍟
The Merciless LabyrinthEnchantment Perforate Number Of Spikes 1Perforate creates +1 Spike100
The Eternal LabyrinthEnchantment Perforate Number Of Spikes 2Perforate creates +2 Spikes100
The Merciless LabyrinthEnchantment Perforate Area Of Effect 1Perforate has 16% increased Area of Effect100
The Eternal LabyrinthEnchantment Perforate Area Of Effect 2Perforate has 24% increased Area of Effect100
The Merciless LabyrinthEnchantment Perforate Damage 1Perforate deals 25% increased Damage100
The Eternal LabyrinthEnchantment Perforate Damage 2Perforate deals 40% increased Damage100
Supported By /104 ⍟
Added Fire Damage Support
Faster Attacks Support
Added Cold Damage Support
Additional Accuracy Support
Increased Area of Effect Support
Added Lightning Damage Support
Increased Critical Strikes Support
Increased Critical Damage Support
Knockback Support
Life Leech Support
Mana Leech Support
Added Chaos Damage Support
Stun Support
Melee Physical Damage Support
Item Rarity Support
Concentrated Effect Support
Cold to Fire Support
Combustion Support
Elemental Damage with Attacks Support
Bloodlust Support
Life Gain on Hit Support
Elemental Proliferation Support
Culling Strike Support
Iron Will Support
Damage on Full Life Support
Chance to Flee Support
Blind Support
Fire Penetration Support
Cold Penetration Support
Lightning Penetration Support
Elemental Penetration Support
Multistrike Support
Power Charge On Critical Support
Burning Damage Support
Hextouch Support
Cast On Critical Strike Support
Cast on Melee Kill Support
Endurance Charge on Melee Stun Support
Block Chance Reduction Support
Physical to Lightning Support
Fortify Support
Ice Bite Support
Hypothermia Support
Innervate Support
Critical Strike Affliction Support
Void Manipulation Support
Controlled Destruction Support
Swift Affliction Support
Elemental Focus Support
Ignite Proliferation Support
Chance to Bleed Support
Chance to Poison Support
Deadly Ailments Support
Decay Support
Efficacy Support
Vile Toxins Support
Maim Support
Immolate Support
Unbound Ailments Support
Brutality Support
Ruthless Support
Momentum Support
Summon Phantasm Support
Withering Touch Support
Bonechill Support
Energy Leech Support
Close Combat Support
Shockwave Support
Impale Support
Pulverise Support
Rage Support
Nightblade Support
Awakened Added Fire Damage Support
Awakened Brutality Support
Awakened Burning Damage Support
Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks Support
Awakened Fire Penetration Support
Awakened Melee Physical Damage Support
Awakened Multistrike Support
Awakened Added Cold Damage Support
Awakened Cast On Critical Strike Support
Awakened Cold Penetration Support
Awakened Deadly Ailments Support
Awakened Swift Affliction Support
Awakened Void Manipulation Support
Awakened Added Chaos Damage Support
Awakened Added Lightning Damage Support
Awakened Controlled Destruction Support
Awakened Hextouch Support
Awakened Elemental Focus Support
Awakened Increased Area of Effect Support
Awakened Lightning Penetration Support
Awakened Unbound Ailments Support
Fist of War Support
Trinity Support
Bloodthirst Support
Cruelty Support
Earthbreaker Support
Overcharge Support
Prismatic Burst Support
Devour Support
Sadism Support
Controlled Blaze Support
Volatility Support

Community Wiki



Perforate is an Attack skill where the user strikes the ground to launch multiple spikes from the ground that deal area of effect damage. This skill interacts with Blood and Sand Stance, launching multiple spikes in a small area in Blood Stance and launching the spikes outwards in Sand Stance.

Skill functions and interactions

Alt quality

In its phantasmal quality: "Creates 0.05 fewer Spikes, Creates 0.1 additional Spikes if you've changed Stance Recently" if you stay between 10-19% quality, you will not get one permanent fewer spikes while still having an additional Spikes if you've changed Stance Recently resulting in an always better case than going for 20% on this alternate quality.

Version history

  • Now deals 213% of Base Damage, and has 213% Effectiveness of Added Damage at gem level 20 (previously 170%).
  • 3.11.0
  • The visual effects have been improved.
  • Now deals base Damage and has an added Damage effectiveness of 125% at gem level 1 (from 140%), up to 170% at gem level 20 (from 196%).
  • Now has 2 to 3 added Attack Physical Damage at gem level 1, up to 75 to 113 at gem level 20 (previously had no added damage).
  • Now creates 7 spikes (from 6).
  • Now creates 2 additional spikes if you've changed stance recently.
  • Now deals 75% less Damage while in Blood stance (from 65%).
  • Now gains more area of effect while in Sand stance as the gem levels, up to 76% more at gem level 20.
  • Gained the Slam and Physical Tag.
  • 3.7.4
  • Added Labyrinth Enchantments.
  • 3.7.0
  • Perforate has been added to the game.

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