Skill Gem /1

Skill Gem /1

Skill Gem Quality /1

Skill Gem Quality /1

Kinetic BlastDivergent Projectiles gain (0–30)% increased Area of Effect after Forking100
Support Gem /2

Support Gem /2

Support Gem Quality /1

Support Gem Quality /1

Fork SupportAnomalous Projectiles from Supported Skills have (0–20)% chance for an additional Projectile when Forking100
Item mods /1

Item mods /1

of the Crusade85SuffixProjectiles from Socketed Gems Fork gembow_crusader 100
default 0
Unique /5

Unique /5

NameShow Full Descriptions
RigwaldsQuillsRigwald's Quills Two-Point Arrow Quiver
(20–30)% increased Global Accuracy Rating
-10% to Fire Resistance
+(20–30)% to Lightning Resistance
Gain 7 Life per Enemy Hit with Attacks
20% reduced Projectile Speed
(30–50)% increased Projectile Damage
Arrows Fork
BowOfTheCouncilReach of the Council Spine Bow
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 20 Greater Volley
(50–75)% increased Physical Damage
Adds (10–16) to (45–60) Physical Damage
(8–12)% increased Attack Speed
20% reduced Projectile Speed
Arrows fired from the first firing points always Pierce
Arrows fired from the second firing points Fork
Arrows fired from the third firing points Return to you
Arrows fired from the fourth firing points Chain +2 times
SilverTongueSlivertongue Harbinger Bow
(30–50)% increased Critical Strike Chance
Adds (80–95) to (220–240) Physical Damage
(150–200)% increased Critical Strike Chance with arrows that Fork
Arrows Pierce all Targets after Forking
Arrows that Pierce have +50% to Critical Strike Multiplier
SerpentseedSnakepit Sapphire Ring
+(20–30)% to Cold Resistance
(20–40)% increased Spell Damage
(5–10)% increased Cast Speed
Left ring slot: Projectiles from Spells cannot Chain
Left ring slot: Projectiles from Spells Fork
Right ring slot: Projectiles from Spells Chain +1 times
Right ring slot: Projectiles from Spells cannot Fork
Projectiles from Spells cannot Pierce
InfractemReplica Infractem Decimation Bow
(30–50)% increased Critical Strike Chance
+(20–30) to Dexterity
(70–80)% increased Physical Damage
Adds (25–35) to (36–45) Physical Damage
10% increased Movement Speed
+(350–400) to Accuracy Rating
Cannot Leech Mana
Projectiles from Attacks Fork
Projectiles from Attacks Fork an additional time
Passive /2

Passive /2

CategoryNameShow Full Descriptions
NotableSplit Shot
Projectiles have 50% chance for an additional Projectile when Forking
NotableQuartered Thoughts
Breaches in your Maps have 85% increased chance to belong to Esh
Esh, Forked Thought in your Maps is Duplicated
Cluster Jewel Passive /1

Cluster Jewel Passive /1

CategoryNameShow Full Descriptions
Attack Projectiles always inflict Bleeding and Maim, and Knock Back Enemies
Projectiles cannot Pierce, Fork or Chain

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Fork is a behavior of projectiles that causes them to split into two identical projectiles when they hit a target.


When a projectile forks, it splits into two identical projectiles that continue travelling at 60 and -60 degree angles from the projectile's original trajectory. A projectile can only fork once unless it is supported by the awakened fork support gem.

Only one projectile behavior can be applied each time a projectile hits a target. Fork has second priority for projectile behaviors, preceded by #1 pierce, and then followed by #3 chain and #4 return. This means that if you had pierce, chain, and fork supporting the same skill, it would first pierce to it's maximum number of pierces, then fork, then chain to its maximum number of chains.

Projectiles apply their on-hit effects to each target they fork on or otherwise hit. For example, SiphonGemEssence Drain will apply its debuff to each target a projectile hits. Skills such as IceShotIce Shot and ClusterBurstKinetic Blast apply their on-hit area damage effects each time a projectile hits a target. The explosion behavior of some projectiles, such as FireballFireball and ArcticBreathCreeping Frost, is not an on-hit effect and occurs only when a projectile ceases to exist.

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