Support Tags /206 ⍟
Added Fire Damage Support8
Inspiration Support31
Knockback Support8
Life Leech Support31
Stun Support8
Melee Physical Damage Support18
Increased Duration Support31
Cold to Fire Support18
Elemental Damage with Attacks Support18
Bloodlust Support18
Life Gain on Hit Support8
Arrogance Support31
Iron Grip Support18
Iron Will Support18
Damage on Full Life Support18
Spell Totem Support8
Ballista Totem Support8
Fire Penetration Support31
Multistrike Support38
Melee Splash Support8
Burning Damage Support31
Cast on Melee Kill Support38
Empower Support1
Endurance Charge on Melee Stun Support18
Less Duration Support31
Cast when Damage Taken Support38
Generosity Support31
Fortify Support31
Chance to Bleed Support1
Maim Support8
Brutality Support38
Ruthless Support1
Ancestral Call Support4
Multiple Totems Support38
Shockwave Support18
Pulverise Support31
Rage Support18
Awakened Added Fire Damage Support72
Awakened Ancestral Call Support72
Awakened Brutality Support72
Awakened Burning Damage Support72
Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks Support72
Awakened Fire Penetration Support72
Awakened Generosity Support72
Awakened Melee Physical Damage Support72
Awakened Melee Splash Support72
Awakened Multistrike Support72
Awakened Empower Support72
Fist of War Support38
Urgent Orders Support31
Bloodthirst Support31
Cruelty Support18
Lifetap Support8
Earthbreaker Support8
Behead Support38
Divine Blessing Support31
Eternal Blessing Support38
Trauma Support38
Flamewood Support8
Corrupting Cry Support31
Guardian's Blessing Support31
Controlled Blaze Support31
Volatility Support18
Faster Attacks Support8
Greater Multiple Projectiles Support38
Lesser Multiple Projectiles Support8
Faster Projectiles Support31
Added Cold Damage Support8
Additional Accuracy Support8
Mana Leech Support31
Pierce Support4
Trap Support8
Culling Strike Support18
Point Blank Support18
Chance to Flee Support8
Blind Support8
Cold Penetration Support31
Chain Support38
Fork Support31
Returning Projectiles Support38
Cast On Critical Strike Support38
Multiple Traps Support8
Slower Projectiles Support31
Cast on Death Support38
Enhance Support1
Vicious Projectiles Support18
Block Chance Reduction Support18
Ice Bite Support31
Hypothermia Support31
Trap and Mine Damage Support18
Critical Strike Affliction Support31
Void Manipulation Support8
Swift Affliction Support31
Cluster Traps Support38
Advanced Traps Support31
Chance to Poison Support1
Deadly Ailments Support18
Vile Toxins Support38
Momentum Support1
Volley Support4
Mirage Archer Support4
Charged Traps Support31
Withering Touch Support38
Close Combat Support18
Impale Support31
Nightblade Support18
Swift Assembly Support4
Arrow Nova Support8
Barrage Support38
Greater Volley Support38
Awakened Added Cold Damage Support72
Awakened Arrow Nova Support72
Awakened Cast On Critical Strike Support72
Awakened Chain Support72
Awakened Cold Penetration Support72
Awakened Deadly Ailments Support72
Awakened Fork Support72
Awakened Greater Multiple Projectiles Support72
Awakened Swift Affliction Support72
Awakened Void Manipulation Support72
Awakened Vicious Projectiles Support72
Awakened Enhance Support72
Second Wind Support31
Focused Ballista Support31
Mark On Hit Support38
Manaforged Arrows Support8
Locus Mine Support8
Sadism Support18
Increased Area of Effect Support38
Added Lightning Damage Support8
Increased Critical Strikes Support8
Increased Critical Damage Support18
Added Chaos Damage Support31
Item Rarity Support31
Faster Casting Support18
Concentrated Effect Support18
Minion Damage Support8
Combustion Support8
Minion Speed Support18
Minion Life Support18
Elemental Proliferation Support1
Blastchain Mine Support8
Lightning Penetration Support31
Elemental Penetration Support31
Spell Echo Support38
Power Charge On Critical Support18
Elemental Army Support31
Hextouch Support38
Cast when Stunned Support38
Enlighten Support1
Physical to Lightning Support18
Blasphemy Support31
Innervate Support31
Controlled Destruction Support18
Elemental Focus Support18
Minefield Support38
Cast while Channelling Support38
Ignite Proliferation Support38
Decay Support38
Efficacy Support8
Immolate Support38
Unbound Ailments Support8
Arcane Surge Support1
Infused Channelling Support4
Spell Cascade Support4
Summon Phantasm Support4
Charged Mines Support31
Bonechill Support38
Energy Leech Support31
Intensify Support31
Unleash Support38
Feeding Frenzy Support31
Predator Support18
Meat Shield Support31
High-Impact Mine Support31
Infernal Legion Support8
Awakened Added Chaos Damage Support72
Awakened Added Lightning Damage Support72
Awakened Blasphemy Support72
Awakened Cast While Channelling Support72
Awakened Controlled Destruction Support72
Awakened Hextouch Support72
Awakened Elemental Focus Support72
Awakened Increased Area of Effect Support72
Awakened Lightning Penetration Support72
Awakened Minion Damage Support72
Awakened Spell Cascade Support72
Awakened Spell Echo Support72
Awakened Unbound Ailments Support72
Awakened Unleash Support72
Awakened Enlighten Support72
Archmage Support31
Swiftbrand Support31
Impending Doom Support31
Pinpoint Support31
Trinity Support18
Overcharge Support18
Cursed Ground Support31
Hex Bloom Support38
Prismatic Burst Support1
Spellblade Support38
Devour Support8
Fresh Meat Support18
Sacrifice Support31
Frigid Bond Support38
Sacred Wisps Support18

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