Unrevealed Unique /75 ⍟

Unrevealed Unique /75 ⍟

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Alkem Eira
Apparitions Viridian Jewel
Requires Level: 20
Minions have (2–5)% chance to Dodge Attack Hits
Arimagius' Honor
+(20–30) to Intelligence
(100–120)% increased Energy Shield
(75–100)% increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells
Atziri's Vessel Vaal Vessel
map_disable_chest_drop_scaling [1]
Band of the Victor
(10–20)% increased Elemental Damage
(10–20)% chance to Avoid being Stunned
Bartek's Finger
+20% to Cold Resistance
15% increased Movement Speed
+(20–30) to Dexterity
+(20–30) to Strength
BlackGuardz Colonnade Map
Requires Level: 78
Book Stand Strongbox Diviner's Strongbox
(30–60)% increased Quantity of Contained Items
Boreal Shepherd
Borrowed Power
Boundless Grasp Cobalt Jewel
Requires Level: 20
With at least 40 Intelligence in Radius, each Lightning Tendrils Repeat has 4% increased Area of Effect per Enemy Hit
local_jewel_effect_base_radius [1200]
Breach Box RENAME ME
Contains (4–5) additional Items
Cannibalistic Habits Viridian Jewel
Requires Level: 20
Recover 2% of Life when you Consume a corpse
Celestial Fragment
Child of Violence Small Cluster Jewel
Adds Pitfighter
Choking Ash Viridian Jewel
Requires Level: 20
(10–15)% increased Fire Damage
With at least 40 Dexterity in Radius, Fire Trap throws up to 1 additional Trap
local_jewel_effect_base_radius [1200]
Convent of the Twins' Flame Bone Crypt Map
Requires Level: 74
Deadman's Hand
+(40–50) to Dexterity
-20 to maximum Life
+40% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
Your hits can't be Evaded
Death Rattle
(80–100)% increased Energy Shield
+(10–20)% to Cold Resistance
+(10–20)% to Lightning Resistance
(25–35)% increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells
+10 Mana gained on Kill
15% increased Mana Recovery from Flasks
10% chance to gain a Power Charge on Kill
Dewath's Hide
Your Attacks deal -3 Physical Damage
(100–150)% increased Evasion Rating
-3 Physical Damage taken from Attack Hits
+5% Chance to Block Attack Damage
Fairgraves' Bearing
+(35–50) to Strength
(230–260)% increased Physical Damage
(22–27)% increased Attack Speed
(20–30)% increased Critical Strike Chance
1% increased Critical Strike Chance per 8 Strength
Farsight Solaris Circlet
Requires Level: 59
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 10 Concentrated Effect
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 10 Inspiration
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 10 Faster Casting
Fortified Legion Cobalt Jewel
Requires Level: 20
Minions have (5–15)% increased maximum Life
Minions Recover 2% of their Life when they Block
Frost Unbroken Gold Amulet
Requires Level: 59
Adds (15–25) to (40–50) Cold Damage to Spells and Attacks
1% increased Cold Damage per 1% Chance to Block Attack Damage
1% increased Maximum Mana per 2% Chance to Block Spell Damage
300% increased Armour while Chilled or Frozen
Galla's Riposte
+(20–40) to maximum Mana
Adds (6–9) to (12–16) Chaos Damage to Attacks
+(40–60) to Evasion Rating
15% increased Movement Speed
(30–40)% increased Mana Regeneration Rate
(While you have Phasing, your movement is not blocked by Enemies)
Honourhold Soldier Helmet
Requires Level: 12
Leviathan Ivory
+(20–30) to Strength
(80–100)% increased Physical Damage
Adds 25 to 50 Cold Damage
+1 to Level of Socketed Cold Gems
Malachai's Brilliance
Mana Sponge
Meginord's Vigour Steel Gauntlets
Requires Level: 35
Miser of Misery Viridian Jewel
Requires Level: 20
+3 Life gained for each Elemental Ailment on Enemies hit by your Attacks
(Elemental Ailments are Ignited, Scorched, Chilled, Frozen, Brittle, Shocked, and Sapped)
+3 Life gained for each Elemental Ailment on Enemies hit by your Spells
(Elemental Ailments are Ignited, Scorched, Chilled, Frozen, Brittle, Shocked, and Sapped)
+(40–50) to Strength
(80–120)% increased Physical Damage
-150 to Accuracy Rating
25% reduced Enemy Stun Threshold with this Weapon
(The Stun Threshold determines how much Damage can Stun something)
400% increased Stun Duration on Enemies
Pagan Geis
Prospero's Vault
Sands of Shakari
Santoni's Faith
+(40–60) to maximum Life
(140–180)% increased Armour and Energy Shield
+5% Chance to Block
Regenerate 2% of your Armour as Life over 1 second when you Block
Lose 10% of your Energy Shield when you Block
Selfless Leadership Cobalt Jewel
Requires Level: 20
Passives in Radius apply to Minions instead of you
local_jewel_effect_base_radius [800]
some_passives_apply_to_minions [1]
Shattered Chains Crimson Jewel
Requires Level: 20
(10–15)% increased Cold Damage
With at least 40 Strength in Radius, 20% increased
Rarity of Items dropped by Enemies Shattered by Glacial Hammer
local_jewel_effect_base_radius [1200]
Sidhebite Paua Amulet
Requires Level: 3
Specialised Viridian Jewel
Requires Level: 20
4% increased Attributes per allocated Keystone
(Attributes are Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence)
0 to maximum number of Raised Zombies
0 to maximum number of Skeletons
+1 to maximum number of Spectres
(30–40)% increased Flask Mana Recovery rate
10% reduced Flask Life Recovery rate
(20–30)% increased Spell Damage
(80–120)% increased Physical Damage
+(10–20) to Intelligence
Straight and True Viridian Jewel
Requires Level: 20
(7–10)% increased Projectile Damage
With at least 40 Dexterity in Radius, Split Arrow fires Projectiles in Parallel
local_unique_jewel_split_arrow_projectiles_fire_in_parallel_y_dist_with_40_dex_in_radius [5]
local_jewel_effect_base_radius [1200]
Sudden Ignition Viridian Jewel
Requires Level: 20
(10–15)% increased Fire Damage
With at least 40 Dexterity in Radius, Burning Arrow can inflict
an additional Ignite on an Enemy and cannot apply its Burning Debuff
local_jewel_effect_base_radius [1200]
The Learning Stone
The Naming Temporary Crimson Jewel
Requires Level: 20
10% chance to Fortify on Melee hit
(Fortify grants 20% less Damage Taken from Hits)
The Rack
The Rathorn
(10–15)% increased Movement Speed
10% reduced Character Size
Item drops on death
Deal 1 to 1000 Lightning Damage to nearby Enemies when you lose a Power, Frenzy, or Endurance Charge
40% reduced Projectile Damage
20% reduced Damage taken from Projectiles
(30–40)% increased Melee Damage
60% increased Damage taken from Melee Attacks
Toxic Vapours
Ullr's Advent Silk Slippers
Requires Level: 22
Underdog's Fury Crimson Jewel
Requires Level: 20
Unearth Threshold
Ungils's Coil
+(20–30) to Strength
+(10–20) to Dexterity
Adds 5 to 9 Physical Damage to Attacks
-50% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
10% increased Damage
You take 50% reduced Extra Damage from Critical Strikes
Projectiles have (15–20)% chance to Ignite
(Ignite deals Fire Damage over time, based on the base Fire Damage of the Skill, for 4 seconds)
Projectiles have (15–20)% chance to Freeze
(Freeze lowers Enemy Action Speed to zero, preventing them from acting. Duration is based on the Cold Damage of the Hit)
Projectiles have (15–20)% chance to Shock
100% increased Melee Damage against Frozen Enemies
100% increased Melee Damage against Shocked Enemies
100% increased Melee Damage against Ignited Enemies
Vampire's Might Crimson Jewel
Requires Level: 20
(10–20)% reduced total Recovery per second from Life Leech
(25–30)% increased Damage while Leeching
Violent Dead Cobalt Jewel
Requires Level: 20
Minions deal (8–12)% increased Damage
With at least 40 Intelligence in Radius, Raised
Zombies' Slam Attack has 100% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate
With at least 40 Intelligence in Radius, Raised Zombies' Slam
Attack deals 30% increased Damage
local_jewel_effect_base_radius [1200]
Vizaru's Folly
+(30–40) to Intelligence
+(40–60) to maximum Energy Shield
50% increased Fire Damage
Damage Penetrates 25% Fire Resistance
Removes Burning when you use a Flask
Wraeclast Pantheon Shrine Map
Requires Level: 80
+10 to Strength
+10 to Dexterity
+(35–45) to Armour
+(35–45) to Evasion Rating
+(40–50)% to Cold Resistance
Ylfe Ban
+(40–50) to Intelligence
+(40–60) to maximum Energy Shield
10% increased Movement Speed
50% increased Stun and Block Recovery
(20–25)% increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells
Zerphi's Youth Crimson Jewel
Requires Level: 20
With 5 Corrupted Items Equipped: Gain Soul Eater for 10 seconds on Vaal Skill use
(While you have Soul Eater, you consume the souls of anything killed nearby, gaining bonuses for each)
(Flasks and Jewels are not Equipped)

[DNT] Helm of Unbridled Rage
[DNT] Magnetic Ward
Unrevealed Gem /263

Unrevealed Gem /263

AoE Attack Aura Blink Bow Brand Chaining Channelling Chaos Cold Curse Duration Fire Golem Guard Herald Hex Lightning Mark Melee Mine Minion Movement Nova Physical Projectile Slam Spell Stance Strike Support Totem Trap Travel Trigger Vaal Warcry
Leap Slam (10)
Attack, AoE, Movement, Travel, Slam, Melee
Discorectangle Slam (28)
Attack, AoE, Melee
Cleave (1)
Attack, AoE, Physical, Melee
Vaal Immortal Call (34)
Vaal, Spell, Duration, Guard
Life Leech Support (31)
Melee Physical Damage Support (18)
Melee, Physical, Support, Attack
Warlord's Mark (24)
Spell, Duration, Curse, Mark
Vaal Heavy Strike (1)
Vaal, Attack, Melee, Strike
Increased Duration Support (31)
Support, Duration
Vitality (10)
Aura, Spell, AoE
Anger (24)
Aura, Spell, AoE, Fire
Searing Bond (12)
Spell, Totem, Fire
Molten Strike (1)
Attack, Projectile, AoE, Melee, Strike, Fire
Herald of Ash (16)
Spell, AoE, Fire, Herald, Duration
Herald of Purity (16)
Spell, Herald, Minion, Duration, Physical
Touch of God (28)
Attack, AoE, Lightning, Slam, Melee
Summon Flame Golem (34)
Fire, Minion, Spell, Golem
Ice Crash (28)
Attack, AoE, Cold, Slam, Melee
Rallying Cry (24)
Warcry, AoE, Duration
Infernal Cry (24)
Warcry, AoE, Duration, Fire, Attack, Melee
Vigilant Strike (4)
Attack, Melee, Strike
Fortify Support (31)
Attack, Support, Melee
Summon Stone Golem (34)
Minion, Spell, Golem, Physical
Earthquake (28)
Attack, AoE, Duration, Slam, Melee
Ancestral Protector (4)
Attack, Totem, Melee, Strike
Ancestral Blademaster (12)
Attack, Totem, AoE, Melee
Ancestral Warchief (28)
Attack, Totem, AoE, Slam, Melee
Sunder (12)
Attack, AoE, Slam, Melee
Chance to Bleed Support (1)
Attack, Physical, Support
Lesser Reduced Mana Cost Support (1)
Maim Support (8)
Attack, Physical, Support
Brutality Support (38)
Physical, Support
Ruthless Support (1)
Support, Melee, Attack
Infernal Sweep (28)
Attack, AoE, Fire, Melee
Tectonic Slam (28)
Fire, Attack, AoE, Slam, Melee
Ancestral Call Support (4)
Support, Melee, Attack, Strike
Vulnerability (24)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Curse, Physical, Hex
Consecrated Path (28)
Fire, Attack, AoE, Movement, Duration, Slam, Melee
Smite (1)
Lightning, Attack, AoE, Duration, Melee, Strike, Aura
Rending Steel (12)
Attack, AoE, Physical, Melee
War Banner (4)
AoE, Spell, Duration, Aura, Physical
Dread Banner (24)
AoE, Spell, Duration, Aura, Physical
Multiple Totems Support (38)
Totem, Support
Steelskin (4)
Spell, Duration, Guard
[DNT] Quick Block (1)
Attack, Duration, AoE, Melee, Bow
Bladestorm (28)
Attack, AoE, Duration, Melee
Blood and Sand (4)
Spell, Stance
Berserk (34)
Perforate (1)
Physical, Attack, AoE, Slam, Melee
Chain Hook (12)
Attack, AoE, Movement, Melee
DNT Blitz (1)
Attack, Melee, Strike, Physical
Shockwave Support (18)
Support, Melee, Attack, AoE
Flesh and Stone (16)
Spell, Aura, AoE, Stance
[DNT] Slice And Dice (1)
Attack, Melee, Strike, Physical
Pride (24)
Spell, AoE, Aura, Physical
Pulverise Support (31)
AoE, Support, Melee, Attack
Rage Support (18)
Support, Melee, Attack
Intimidating Cry (10)
Warcry, AoE, Duration, Physical
Seismic Cry (16)
Warcry, AoE, Duration
Ancestral Cry (16)
Warcry, AoE, Duration
Earthshatter (12)
Attack, AoE, Slam, Duration, Melee
General's Cry (24)
Warcry, AoE, Duration
Fist of War Support (38)
Slam, Attack, Melee, AoE, Support
Urgent Orders Support (31)
Warcry, Support
Charged Dash (28)
Movement, AoE, Channelling, Attack, Lightning, Melee
Whirling Blades (10)
Attack, Movement, Travel, Melee
Frenzy (16)
Attack, Projectile, Melee, Strike, Bow
Unearth (10)
Spell, Projectile, AoE, Physical
Mana Leech Support (31)
Flicker Strike (10)
Attack, Melee, Strike, Movement, Duration
Sniper's Mark (24)
Spell, Duration, Curse, Mark
Point Blank Support (18)
Projectile, Attack, Support
Arctic Armour (16)
Spell, Duration, Cold
Cold Penetration Support (31)
Cold, Support
Chain Support (38)
Support, Chaining, Projectile
Smoke Mine (10)
Mine, Spell, AoE, Duration, Movement, Travel, Blink
Spectral Shield Throw (12)
Attack, Projectile, Physical
Barrage (12)
Attack, Projectile, Bow
Vortex Mine (1)
Mine, Spell, AoE, Duration
Vicious Projectiles Support (18)
Projectile, Attack, Physical, Chaos, Support
Desecrate (16)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Chaos
Herald of Ice (16)
Spell, AoE, Cold, Herald
Herald of Agony (16)
Spell, Herald, Minion, Chaos, Physical
Poacher's Mark (24)
Spell, Duration, Curse, Mark
Blink Arrow (10)
Attack, Minion, Duration, Movement, Travel, Bow
Summon Ice Golem (34)
Cold, Minion, Spell, Golem
Frost Blades (1)
Attack, Projectile, Melee, Strike, Cold
Ice Bite Support (31)
Cold, Support
Hypothermia Support (31)
Cold, Support
Trap and Mine Damage Support (18)
Support, Trap, Mine
Wild Strike (28)
Attack, Melee, Strike, Lightning, Cold, Fire, Projectile, AoE, Chaining
Ice Trap (28)
Trap, Spell, AoE, Cold
Blast Rain (28)
Fire, Attack, AoE, Projectile, Bow
Galvanic Arrow (1)
Lightning, Attack, Projectile, AoE, Bow
Bladefall (28)
Spell, AoE, Physical, Duration
Blade Vortex (12)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Physical
New Blade Vortex (12)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Physical
Siege Ballista (12)
Attack, Projectile, Totem, Bow
Poison Support (31)
Chaos, Support
Shadow Blades (1)
Spell, Projectile
Void Manipulation Support (8)
Chaos, Support
Swift Affliction Support (31)
Support, Duration
Cluster Traps Support (38)
Trap, Support
Advanced Traps Support (31)
Trap, Support
Lesser Poison Support (1)
Chaos, Support
Deadly Ailments Support (18)
Vile Toxins Support (38)
Onslaught Support (1)
Cremation (28)
Spell, AoE, Fire, Duration, Projectile
Volley Support (4)
Support, Projectile
Mirage Archer Support (4)
Bow, Attack, Support, Duration
Explosive Trap (1)
Trap, Spell, AoE, Fire, Physical
Flamethrower Trap (28)
Trap, Spell, Duration, AoE, Fire
Seismic Trap (28)
Trap, Spell, Duration, AoE, Physical
Charged Traps Support (31)
Support, Trap
Scourge Arrow (28)
Attack, Projectile, Channelling, Chaos, Bow
Toxic Rain (12)
Attack, AoE, Chaos, Duration, Projectile, Bow
Withering Touch Support (38)
Chaos, Physical, Attack, Support, Duration
Lancing Steel (28)
Attack, Projectile, Physical
Shattering Steel (12)
Attack, Projectile, AoE, Physical
Dash (4)
Spell, Movement, Travel, Blink
[DNT] Replicate (18)
Trigger, Minion, Spell, Duration
Close Combat Support (18)
Support, Melee, Attack, Duration
Precision (10)
Aura, Spell, AoE
Impale Support (31)
Attack, Physical, Support
Cobra Lash (1)
Attack, Projectile, Chaos
Withering Step (10)
Travel, AoE, Chaos, Movement, Blink, Spell, Duration
Plague Bearer (24)
Spell, Chaos, AoE
[DNT] Serpent Strike (28)
Attack, Melee, Strike, Movement
Nightblade Support (18)
Attack, Support
[DNT] Coiling Assault (12)
Attack, Movement, Projectile
Pestilent Strike (28)
Attack, Melee, Strike, AoE, Duration, Chaos
Venom Gyre (12)
Attack, Projectile, Chaos
Swift Assembly Support (4)
Support, Trap, Mine
Shrapnel Ballista (4)
Attack, Projectile, Totem, Physical, Bow
Arrow Nova Support (8)
Bow, Attack, Support, Projectile
Barrage Support (38)
Bow, Attack, Support, Projectile
Ensnaring Arrow (16)
Attack, Projectile, AoE, Bow
Artillery Ballista (28)
Attack, Totem, AoE, Fire, Projectile, Bow
DNT Projectile Portal (1)
Spell, Duration
Blade Blast (16)
Spell, AoE, Physical
[DNT]Blood Whirl (28)
Attack, AoE, Movement, Channelling, Physical, Melee
Second Wind Support (31)
Splitting Steel (1)
Attack, Projectile, AoE, Physical
Fireball (1)
Projectile, Spell, AoE, Fire
Ice Nova (12)
Spell, AoE, Cold, Nova
Cold Snap (16)
Spell, AoE, Cold, Duration
Increased Critical Damage Support (18)
Freezing Pulse (1)
Spell, Projectile, Cold
Vaal Lightning Warp (10)
Vaal, Spell, AoE, Duration, Lightning, Movement, Travel
Minion Speed Support (18)
Movement, Support, Minion
Power Siphon (12)
Attack, Projectile
Purity of Elements (24)
Aura, Spell, AoE
Discipline (24)
Aura, Spell, AoE
Elemental Penetration Support (31)
Conductivity (24)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Lightning, Curse, Hex
Storm Burst (12)
AoE, Spell, Lightning, Channelling, Duration, Physical
Purity of Lightning (24)
Aura, Spell, AoE, Lightning
Storm Call (12)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Lightning
Flameblast (28)
Spell, AoE, Fire, Channelling
Ball Lightning (28)
Spell, Projectile, AoE, Lightning
Wildfire (4)
Spell, Chaining, AoE, Fire
Summon Raging Spirit (4)
Spell, Minion, Duration, Fire
Flame Surge (12)
Spell, AoE, Fire
Flesh Offering (12)
Minion, Spell, Duration
Bone Offering (12)
Minion, Spell, Duration
Spirit Offering (12)
Minion, Spell, Duration, Chaos
Glacial Cascade (28)
Spell, AoE, Cold, Physical
Convocation (24)
Minion, Spell, Duration
Herald of Thunder (16)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Lightning, Herald
Lightning Tendrils (1)
Spell, AoE, Lightning, Channelling
Lightning Tendrils (1)
Spell, AoE, Lightning, Channelling
Lightning Circle (1)
Spell, AoE, Lightning
Lightning Channel (1)
Spell, AoE, Lightning
Kinetic Blast (28)
Attack, Projectile, AoE
Physical to Lightning Support (18)
Lightning, Physical, Support
Summon Chaos Golem (34)
Chaos, Minion, Spell, Golem
Summon Lightning Golem (34)
Lightning, Minion, Spell, Golem
Blasphemy Support (31)
Support, Hex, Aura
Flame Dash (10)
Spell, Movement, Duration, Fire, Travel, Blink
Innervate Support (31)
Lightning, Support, Duration
Magma Orb (1)
Spell, AoE, Fire, Projectile, Chaining
Static Tether (1)
Spell, Projectile, AoE, Duration
Frost Bomb (4)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Cold
Orb of Storms (4)
Lightning, Spell, Duration, AoE, Chaining
Righteous Lightning (16)
Spell, AoE, Lightning
Contagion (4)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Chaos
Wither (10)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Chaos, Channelling
Blight (1)
Spell, Chaos, AoE, Channelling, Duration
Essence Drain (12)
Spell, Projectile, Duration, Chaos, AoE
Controlled Destruction Support (18)
Spell, Support
Frostbolt (1)
Spell, Projectile, Cold
Vortex (28)
Spell, AoE, Cold, Duration, Nova
Elemental Focus Support (18)
Minefield Support (38)
Support, Mine
Elemental Projectiles (1)
Spell, AoE
Dark Pact (28)
Minion, Spell, AoE, Chaining, Chaos, Nova
Scorching Ray (12)
Spell, Fire, Duration, Channelling
Cast while Channelling Support (38)
Support, Channelling, Spell, Trigger
Ignite Proliferation Support (38)
Fire, Support, AoE
Decay Support (38)
Chaos, Support
Efficacy Support (31)
Support, Duration
Immolate Support (38)
Fire, Support
Unbound Ailments Support (8)
Arcane Surge Support (1)
Support, Spell, Duration
Bodyswap (10)
Movement, Spell, AoE, Fire, Travel
Infused Channelling Support (4)
Support, Channelling, Duration
Spell Cascade Support (4)
AoE, Spell, Support
Summon Phantasm Support (4)
Support, Minion
Siphoning Trap (10)
Trap, Spell, Duration, AoE, Cold
Lightning Spire Trap (28)
Trap, Spell, Duration, AoE, Lightning
Vaal Flesh Offering (12)
Vaal, Spell, Duration, Minion
Charged Mines Support (31)
Support, Mine
Summon Holy Relic (4)
Minion, Spell
Bonechill Support (38)
Cold, Support
Winter Orb (28)
Cold, Spell, Channelling, AoE, Duration, Projectile
Storm Brand (12)
Lightning, Spell, AoE, Chaining, Duration, Brand
Armageddon Brand (28)
Spell, AoE, Fire, Duration, Brand
Brand Recall (16)
Brand, Spell
Purifying Flame (1)
Fire, Spell, AoE, Duration, Physical
Soulrend (28)
Chaos, Spell, AoE, Duration, Projectile
Bane (24)
Chaos, Trigger, Spell, AoE, Duration, Hex
Energy Leech Support (31)
Wave of Conviction (16)
Fire, Lightning, Spell, AoE, Duration, Physical
Zealotry (24)
Aura, Spell, AoE
Divine Ire (28)
Lightning, Spell, AoE, Channelling, Physical
Malevolence (24)
Aura, Spell, AoE
DNT Handcast Rapid Fire (38)
Intensify Support (31)
AoE, Spell, Support
Unleash Support (38)
Spell, Support
[DNT] Bone Armour (70)
Spell, Duration, Guard, Minion
Frostblink (4)
Spell, Movement, Duration, Cold, Travel, Blink, AoE
Summon Carrion Golem (34)
Physical, Minion, Spell, Golem
Feeding Frenzy Support (31)
Support, Minion, Duration
Predator Support (18)
Support, Minion, Spell, Duration
Meat Shield Support (31)
Support, Minion
Stormblast Mine (1)
Mine, Spell, AoE, Lightning, Aura, Nova
Summon Skitterbots (16)
Trap, Mine, Spell, Minion, Cold, Lightning, AoE, Aura
High-Impact Mine Support (31)
Mine, Support, AoE, Aura
Infernal Legion Support (8)
Fire, AoE, Support, Minion
Arcane Cloak (16)
Spell, Duration, Guard, Lightning
Stormbind (28)
Spell, AoE, Channelling, Lightning, Duration
Kinetic Bolt (1)
Attack, Projectile
Spellslinger (24)
Archmage Support (31)
Lightning, Support, Spell
Arcanist Brand (38)
Spell, Duration, Brand
Penance Brand (28)
Spell, AoE, Physical, Lightning, Duration, Brand
Wintertide Brand (12)
Spell, AoE, Cold, Duration, Brand
Swiftbrand Support (31)
Brand, Support
Blazing Salvo (12)
Spell, AoE, Fire, Projectile
Void Sphere (34)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Physical, Chaos
Crackling Lance (28)
Spell, AoE, Lightning
Frost Shield (34)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Cold
Sigil of Power (34)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Lightning
Flame Wall (4)
Spell, AoE, Duration, Fire
Impending Doom Support (31)
Support, Hex, Spell, AoE, Chaos
Hexblast (28)
Spell, AoE, Chaos, Hex
Pinpoint Support (31)
Support, Projectile, Spell
Wand Teleport (10)
Spell, Projectile, Movement
Detonate Mines (8)
Mine, Spell
Vaal Soul Harvesting (38)
Spectral Spinning Weapon (1)
Spell, Projectile, Channelling, AoE
Capture Monster (1)
Unrevealed Passives /8 ⍟

Unrevealed Passives /8 ⍟

CategoryNameShow Full Descriptions
100% increased Spell Damage while not on Low Mana
Cannot gain Endurance Charges
cannot_gain_frenzy_charges [1]
KeystoneVaal Carnage
grant_vaal_attack_soul_on_hitting_rare_or_unique_with_non_vaal_skill_every_x_ms [250]
KeystoneVaal Dominion
gain_soul_regeneration_for_x_seconds_on_hit_every_500_ms [6000]
non_vaal_skills_damage_+%_final [-10]
NotablePrayer of Glory
Using Warcries is Instant
If you've Warcried Recently, you and nearby allies have 15% increased Attack, Cast and Movement Speed
Warcries cost no Mana
NotableWicked Ward
Notable[DNT] RAT Defensive Notable
30% increased Totem Life
25% increased Totem Damage
Attack Skills have +1 to maximum number of Summoned Ballista Totems
1% less Damage Taken per Summoned Totem
Notable[DNT] Slamako, Slam's Slam
Trigger Level 20 Tawhoa's Chosen when you Attack with a Non-Vaal Slam Skill near an Enemy